I have a friend that has a friend that sells locally pastured free-range chickens (as meat).  This guy (who sells the chickens) has a closed group of people he offers his chicken meat too.  It is not over priced.  My friend asked me the other day if I wanted to go check out his place and pick up the chickens she ordered.  I was so excited…I quickly said YES.  All the boys were asleep (including my husband) so I had a built in babysitter.  That is the best outing~ when the hubbie is home asleep on the couch.  Free babysitting!!! Anyway, back to the story.  She came by, picked me up, and off we went.  A quick 20 minute car ride and we were there.  My friend is a true local to the Land O Lakes area and she knows so many amazing small farms and farmers.  We pull up to the beautiful country home sitting on a few acres.  There were chickens grazing all around the yard.   There were friendly children selling fresh farm eggs and homemade organic cookies.  My friend told me that they are home-schooled.  I just loved every thing about this moment.  My version of a perfect outing.  Lisa selects her chickens and he bags them right then and there.  It was SO cool to watch.  Then the guy asked her if she wanted some chicken feet… she looked at me and I said YES PLEASE 🙂

I am so excited that I have my first set of chicken feet! Also, 3 of the chickens Lisa bought were for me, so I am thrilled to have such high quality meat sitting in my freezer.  Here is a picture of my first Land O Lakes pastured chicken.  This chicken is huge.  More like a small turkey.  I will be making the stock tomorrow night.  Can’t wait for my first stock with chicken feet.  A very satisfying quest for me.

~Green Boot Kaley

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