There are many health benefits of fish oil (and fermented cod liver oil).  The benefits of fish oil are well documented.  Researchers at Ohio State found that taking omega-3 supplements (a.k.a. fish oil) can help slow the body’s aging process by lengthening telomeres that often shorten with age. Telomeres are small DNA segments in white blood cells that shorten over time as the result of aging. They act like caps at the ends of chromosomes, so if they shorten, the DNA can unravel. That’s major bad news for your cells.  Another recent publication from this study showed that omega-3 supplements lowered inflammation levels in the same subjects. Researchers believe that the less inflammation, the better for the preservation of telomeres. Source

Benefits of Fish oil and fermented cod liver oil:

Fish oil prevents heart and vascular diseases.  Fish oil reduces the risk of developing diseases associated with being overweight.  Fish oil taken during pregnancy contributes to the development of coordination of the child.  Fish oil prevents the allergies.  Fish oil improves skin and hair.  Fish oil is loaded with natural forms of Vitamin A which has a positive effect on skin and mucous membranes.  If the body has a shortage of vitamin A, the skin and mucous membranes become dry and brittle (hair and nails).  The Vitamin D in fish oil contributes to bone growth, essential to growing children.  Fish oil is a main ingredient in many beauty recipes.  People suffering from acne can safely rely on cod liver oil when it comes to improving skin texture.  A very important factor with omega-3, that it is not synthesized by the body, but only comes with food.   So if you aren’t eating it you aren’t getting it!  Read more here.

What is the difference between regular fish oil and fermented cod liver oil?

Fermented cod liver oil is much closer to how traditional cultures consumed cod liver oil.  The vitamin amounts listed on the label are just the “minimum guaranteed amounts” of vitamin A & D – there is actually much more, even more than in regular Cod Liver Oil, it is a FOOD.  There are many more nutrients than in regular cod liver oil (which is already a superfood), and you would also be getting the benefits to your digestive system and immune system by taking in a fermented food.  The best way to describe the differences between regular and fermented CLO is that the fermented has a “deeper and broader range of nutrients”, including CoQ10! Kelly the Kitchen Kop

I take fermented cod liver oil because, like Kelly the Kitchen Kop mentioned, fermented cod liver oil is a REAL FOOD and a Superfood.  If I can take Vitamin A and Vitamin D in a form that is more like natural….I am all for it.  It is difficult to get access to high quality fish in my area (not farmed fish), so I am often weary of buying fish from sources that are unknown.  I can supplement with fermented cod liver oil and know that my family is getting enough Vitamin A and D to keep our levels normal or a little above normal.  This is especially important during the winter months when we are not outside as much.  We love Green Pasture’s fermented cod liver oil.  Do your research and purchase a high quality fish oil supplement or fermented cod liver oil supplement.



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