There are many natural remedies for strep throat.  My mother raised me sipping on a mixture of vinegar, water, and honey at the first sign of sore throat.  I still use vinegar when I am unable to access my homeopathic remedies.  Everyone’s immune system is different and results vary.  I have a few remedies that I advise friends and family to take for strep.  The strep clears up usually, but strep can be stubborn~ every case is different

1. I always have the following remedies on hand.  These are common remedies that can be used successfully for many illnesses.

Belladonna 30C- fever

Aconite 30C – sudden onset of symptoms

Gelsemium 30C- fever


2. Another great sore throat soother is Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in w/ a little honey.  It helps to take away the pain and tenderness.


3. What essential oils to use for strep throat? 

Put these in a diffuser or humidifier:

Oregano Oil

Thyme Oil


Oregano is a well known very strong natural remedy that fights off strep infections quickly.  You can buy oregano in capsule form at the health food store .  I like to rub a few drops (w/ coconut oil) onto the boys feet when they get strep.  Strong smell.

4. A clean diet is always something I recommend during illness.  Try your best to feed your child (or yourself) REAL FOOD.  Limit processed food and sugar…. especially SUGAR.  Stick to homemade chicken broth and soups.   I include organic applesauce and whole fruits.  With Strep Throat I have noticed that eating is really not part of the illness, at least the acute part.  If the child/ person is thirsty please provide homemade electrolyte beverages (google it if curious) and homemade chicken stock to sip on.  NO GATORADE- PLEASE!!! or any other over the counter drink like pedialyte…. so not a good choice.  Keep it simple and homemade.

5. Lastly, it is not always easy to use natural healing for serious illnesses.  I have been on both sides…. sometimes healing happens quickly and other times it comes on a little slower.  My patience is often tested, and 24 hours (when your child is really sick) can sometimes feel like 72 hrs!! Stubborn and longer illnesses can be frustrating, but the end result makes all the suffering worth it (for me).  It takes effort and proper resources to really be successful.  Remember to always educate yourself, and if there is a good naturopathic doctor in your area- do not hesitate to give them a call or make an appointment.  I have many “on call” natural doctors.  They are helpful and reassuring at the same time.  Happy and safe healing!



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