Homemade sunscreen is non toxic and very safe for babies and small children.  I have 2 small children and they use homemade sunscreen or non toxic sunscreen when we go out in the sun.  Homemade sunscreen is really important to my family because we live and Florida and we love going to the beach.  We’ll be going to Honeymoon Island once a week when summer is finally here.


Just a few pictures to help you understand why. :0)

It is beautiful and the boys love playing in the water and sand.  If we are not at the beach, you can find us at the pool.  There is a great pool right by us and we go often.  I guess Florida is known for its outdoor recreation. We take advantage of it.

I have one son that is very tan, and one son is that is fair skinned.  I am right there with my fair skinned son, even though we tan easily… we have to be careful.  We mainly use natural sunscreen from the health food store.  Many of the ingredients in regular sunscreen contain toxic chemicals and endocrine disrupting chemicals.  These ingredients are especially  bad for children and women during child-bearing years.  Some sunscreens actually raise your chances of getting skin cancer.   There are some good options out there, but be careful even natural sunscreens can have sketchy ingredients.  Always read the LABELS.  If you want to read more in details about the risks and benefits check out this article.

Since making my homemade facial cream,  I have really wanted to try my own sunscreen formula.  Many of the ingredients are the same which makes it easy.  My boys are always in the sun, so it was a no-brainer.  Experiment time!!! I love this part.

Another way to help build and strengthen the skin and keep from burning~ take fermented cod- liver oil regularly.


1/2 cup grape seed oil or any combination of:  (coconut, olive, almond)

5 tsp zinc oxide (available online~make sure it is pure zinc oxide) Do NOT inhale!

1 Tbsp Beeswax

1 Tbsp distilled water or less

5-7 drops of essential oil (optional- use any scent, just not citrus bc it is phototoxic)

Check out why rosehip oil is so great for the skin.  I use it often in my skin care formulas.

How to Make It

Heat Oil and beeswax in a mason jar sitting in a pan of low boiling water until just melted.

Stir occasionally.

Takes about 5-8 minutes.

Remove from heat.

Add essential oils.

Put into bowl that will not be used for food, and add zinc oxide powder.

Mix well. Make sure you do NOT inhale zinc powder.

Add in 1 Tbsp distilled water or less depending on how thick you want it.  I like mine easy to rub in.  Whisk a little more…. Depending on the texture you like, you can add a little more or less water.  More of a lotion or thick cream.

On my skin below.  Nice consistency and texture.  It rubs right in.


1. Not completely waterproof.  Reapply every few hours…or after swimming/ sweating

2. Make sure not to inhale the zinc oxide powder.  I used my shirt over my mouth and nose.

3. SPF of about 20.  Adding more zinc will increase the SPF.

Another little trick.  You are in a hurry and need a quick sunscreen…just add a 2-4 Tbsps of Zinc Oxide to any natural lotion and you have a homemade sunscreen (avoid the citrus scents the are photo toxic).


Recipe adapted from Wellness Mama.

My favorite Non-Toxic Sunscreen online.

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