Sore throat and Dry Skin

//Sore throat and Dry Skin

Sore throat and Dry Skin

This last week I was pretty sick.  I had a fever on and off for 5 days and a severe sore throat.  I think it was tonsillitis, but I am not positive.  I stayed home and rested, hardly ate anything (bc I couldn’t swallow), and drank healthy fluids… homemade broths and herbal teas w/ raw honey.  I am finally starting to feel better today.  In the homeopathy department I took Belladonna 1m and 30C every few hours the first 2 days, Aconite 30 C every few hrs the first day, and finally Gelsemium 1M from day 4-5 every few hours.  I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some MORE local raw honey (because I was really eating it up) and I found this new natural throat product.


It is VERY strong.  Hard for me to even swallow.  I started spraying 2-3 times yesterday and then a few times today…. it was not easy to get down.  I felt like it even burned a little…. but maybe that is because my throat was so raw, red, and swollen!!

The ingredients: 

Echinacea Root

Hyssop leaf and flower

Sage leaf

St. John’s Wort flower tops

*certified organically grown

Just found it for $4.00 less on amazon!  Sweet.  

Maybe this herbal remedy got me over the hump.  I am 90 percent better tonight, almost there.  You know being  sick with little kids at home is the worst!  I felt really alone, but I made it through (barely).

Since moving to Utah, my youngest son is starting to show signs of dry skin.  He gets really dry skin on his legs, arms, and cheeks.  I love calendula cream for dry skin or chapped skin.  There are great options at the health food store for calendula creams.  This is my latest pick…

photo-2 2

It is working great.  I just need to apply it every few days.  If you haven’t already tried calendula cream…. go order some or pick some up.


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