Swollen Gums can be very painful.  The following is a list of natural remedies for swollen gums.  I did not have to go to the dentist to have my swollen gums checked out.  A week ago I woke up with swollen painful gums in the back of my mouth.  This swollen inflamed area is the area that most people have wisdom teeth (not me… I never developed any wisdom teeth).  My swollen gums were on the bottom left side of my jaw.  It started out as a little pain but within 48 hours it became much more painful.  I knew then it was not getting better and I needed to address the issue quickly.  Of course this is happening right during the middle of our move! I am sure the stress of the move contributed to my immune system decline.  Stress can really catch me off guard sometimes and this move was particularly stressful.

I did not have the time or desire to see a dentist.  I am sure I would have been prescribed some sort of medication.  I googled gum pain/ swollen gums.  Many things popped up and I selected a few natural remedies to try…. and it worked!!! It was not overnight, but within 2 days the pain and tenderness had subsided 80 percent and by day 3 it was 100 percent better.  What a relief!  No dentist or prescription medications needed.

Here is what worked for me:

Step 1.  Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash.

Start Immediately for swollen and painful gums.  Pour 1-2 TBSP in a cup and pour into mouth.  Swish around for 1-3 minutes. Spit out.  Do this 1-3 times a day until the issue is resolved.

Step 2.   Tea Tree Oil

Take a q-tip and put 1 drop of tea tree oil on it.  Place the q-tip on the swollen area (this is not recommended for everyone).  It worked for me, but I had a pocket of swollen tissue that was very obvious.  Not everyone may need this remedy.  Also, it did burn for just a moment.  Do not get it on the sides of your mouth or your lips.  As always use essential oils with caution.

Step 3.  Baking Soda w/ tooth brush

Right off the bat I started using straight baking soda for brushing my teeth at night. At the end of brushing I put a little clump of baking soda right on the swollen area.

Step 4.  Clove Oil

This suggestion came from my facebook page .  I am not sure how often to use it, but it would have been my next remedy to try if my other 3 suggestions hadn’t  healed the pain and tenderness 100 percent.

Hope this helps someone with the same problem.


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