My youngest son was stung by a bee Saturday night.  He was stung on the hand.  He screamed out in pain and I quickly treated the sting with lavender and tea tree oil.  I placed a band aid on the sting and then he was off to bed. The next morning he woke up and his hand was red and swollen.  He was scratching it and I could tell that he probably made the sting worse.  Now there were red streaks near the stinger site.  By Sunday afternoon he had a slight fever and his hand was very red, hot, and swollen.  He loved having it iced which helped with the pain and inflammation.  Once I realized he was having an allergic reaction I quickly pulled out my homeopathic remedies for bee stings and insect bites.

Here are the ones I used.


Apis and Ledum are the best remedies for bites and stings.  Belladonna was used for the redness, inflammation, and slight fever.  Later I added Hypericum based on a recommendation from our homeopathic practitioner.

We are still treating the allergic reaction.  Now 2 days later he has no fever and the inflammation an redness are almost gone.  We are exposing him to more environmental allergens because we are not sure what caused the over- reaction.  We didn’t see the stinger or the bee.  I will update more about this allergic reaction in the next few days.  There are other natural remedies that we are using too that have been very helpful.


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