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Weddings at Inverness,FL

A great place to have a Rustic Wedding. Lakeside Ranch and Resort Location: Inverness, FL (60 miles north of Tampa) Lakeside Ranch: 700 acres of beautiful Florida grass-lands.  Amazing views of the lake from the venue.  Across the street from Lakeside Golf and Country Club.   Options: ~Carriage Rides ~Hay Ride ~Horseback Riding ~Pony Riding ~Barn related decorations ~Kitchen w/ 2 gas stoves, 2 ovens, [...]

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Little Carriage Ride

The boys had an impromptu carriage ride the other day - hence the underwear.  They were playing in a little pool and a friendly 4H girl stopped by with her mini horse and buggy.  It was pretty cute and the boys had a blast.  My 2 year old was a little upset that he was not included, but he got over it pretty quick.  We [...]

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Driving Kentucky Lass

I love to teach. Throw in a horse, a harness, and I am in heaven. This is Krista's first ground driving lesson. The key to successful driving is ground driving, ground driving, and ground driving.  Krista took to everything very naturally.  She is very comfortable with horses, which makes a big difference.  We moved very quickly to putting to the horse.  We are going to [...]

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Kiddie Carriage Rides

Here is a typical kiddie carriage ride in Inverness.  Whenever we get together and have a family gathering there is always a carriage ride involved.  I think my Mom and Dad have more fun than the kids sometimes.  It is a close call.  It takes about 5 hours to do a carriage ride from start to finish.  This includes going to get the pony/ donkey/ [...]

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