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Riding Time

My boys love to ride donkeys, horses, and goats.  Pretty much any animal that will let them.  Here they are saddled up at my parents farm in Inverness.  They could ride around like this for hours.  I am careful to watch closely, because donkeys can be unpredictable.  Just like 2 little boys trying to get along.  My mother is the donkey expert.  She has a [...]

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Little Boys Need Space

When you have little boys you need to be outside A LOT.  We try to spend a few hours a day outside.  On days that are rainy or too cold we do our indoor activities and indoor play.  It is just not the same though.  There is a big difference in the boys when we have our outdoor time.  They get along so much better, [...]

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New chicks

We picked up 15 local chicks yesterday.  We are keeping them in our garage for a few weeks and then transferring them to the farm. The boys love checking on them.  My oldest is starting to understand that in about 6-8 months they will lay eggs like the other hens.  My 4 year old loves looking for eggs.  He is so proud when he finds [...]

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Donkey Play

Our healthy lifestyle includes a lot of time outdoors.  We are fortunate to live in a climate that has outdoor weather all year round.  We live closer to the city, but our family has a farm about 30 minutes north.  We try to go up there as much as possible.  There are chickens, horses, goats, donkeys, and lots of outdoor activities.  This is great for [...]

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