The Chick Update

It has been a few weeks since the chicks arrived and I thought it would be nice to give everyone a chick update.  They are doing great! They love all the space in the coop and they are getting so big.  They weather has been mild in Florida this winter, so the chicks have had no problem being outside.  I think all the sunshine is […]

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Little Carriage Ride

The boys had an impromptu carriage ride the other day – hence the underwear.  They were playing in a little pool and a friendly 4H girl stopped by with her mini horse and buggy.  It was pretty cute and the boys had a blast.  My 2 year old was a little upset that he was not included, but he got over it pretty quick.  We […]

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Homemade Insect Repellent

Looking for a Homemade Insect Repellent? This homemade insect repellent is a great option.  The insects are intense in Florida during the summer .  I feel much better about putting these non-toxic ingredients on my kiddos.  I love DIY formulas that are quick, easy and actually work.

Fill a spray bottle with:

3 ounces water
1 ounce witch hazel or aloe vera juice
10 drops tea tree essential oil
10 drops lavender […]

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My Chicken Quest

I have a friend that has a friend that sells locally pastured free-range chickens (as meat).  This guy (who sells the chickens) has a closed group of people he offers his chicken meat too.  It is not over priced.  My friend asked me the other day if I wanted to go check out his place and pick up the chickens she ordered.  I was so […]

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Modern Conveniences: Disposable or Cloth?

A few days ago one of my daughters asked me what type of car did people drive in the Bible ages?  I laughed and explained that cars are a very recent invention, and most people that have lived on the earth made it without cars.  I wondered, “How would we make it without a car?”  Not really sure about that–in fact, many families (us included) […]

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Tractors are a big deal….

…in our house.  My little boys love dirt and tractors.  There a few better things in life (for them) than spending the day digging in dirt.  So the other day we were all sitting watching the day go by.  The boys were jumping on the trampoline in their undies of course.  I guess it was trash day and a few of my dad’s workmen pulled […]

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Grass-fed vs Factory Meat

Where do you want your meat to come from?

For me, it is not just about quality of diet, but also the humane treatment of animals. It is hard for me to even look at this second picture with all the cows stuck together in the dirt, mud, and who knows what else. I am sure there is a lot of poop everywhere. I know I […]

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Naturally Green Easter Eggs

Last year for Easter, each family was responsible for bringing a dozen pre-dyed Easter eggs.  Well, my little flock of “Easter Eggers” already lay a variety of colors ranging from light green, to dark green, to brown, to even some that look a little pink.  All we had to do is hard boil the eggs.  Everyone was so shocked to see a naturally green egg! […]

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Green Laundry Detergent

About 4 years ago I switched from Tide Laundry Detergent to a more eco-friendly non-toxic detergent.  I first started out with buying the safest brand from the grocery store.  Then one year my sister and I made the homemade laundry detergent recipe that can be found here.  I think this homemade detergent is the most economical of all.  I would like to make this formula […]

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Natural remedy for Bacterial Infections

Notatum (Penicillium notatum) – for relief of Cold Symptoms, Earaches, Bacterial Infections and Respiratory Infections.

Notatum is effective for treating all types of bacterial infections and inflammations, especially those caused by staphylococci and streptococci. It also helps resolve urological infections, herpes zoster, otitis, tonsillitis, respiratory infections and acne. This remedy can be prescribed in high doses to eliminate acute infections. In addition, Notatum does not contain Penicillic acid and is […]

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