Natural Cough Syrups

I am getting a lot of phone calls from friends and family regarding Whooping Cough.  I did a post about my recommendations here, but wanted to add a post on cough syrups for Whooping Cough.  There are some great options available online and in your local stores.  It seems like whooping cough is still circulating, even in my area. 1. My first recommendation (and in [...]

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Cold & Flu Remedies

Since cold & flu season is upon us and it's time to stock up on my natural remedies. 1. I have already used this one with great success, just a few weeks ago.  This combination remedy works great for colds and flus going around.  There was a very nasty sinus infection/ congestion going around and it seemed to linger longer (some of my friends still [...]

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Natural Remedy for Whooping Cough

Is there a natural remedy for whooping cough?  Whooping cough is a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract, primarily effecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. It’s highly contagious, and adult whooping cough is not uncommon. It starts as a common cold and develops into a spasmodic, persistent, suffocative cough accompanied by a sore throat, fever, mucus secretion and vomiting. Coughing continues until the lungs [...]

3 Natural Remedies for Warts

Warts are becoming more and more common. If you have never seen a wart consider yourself lucky, most of us have had one or know someone that has. They are hard rough lumps growing on the skin, caused by infection with certain viruses and occurring typically on the hands or feet. If you have one, you want it GONE as quickly as possible.

Natural Remedy for Chickenpox

A few days ago I had a friend email me about chickenpox.  Her children had been exposed and she wanted to be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly.  What is chickenpox? Chickenpox is a viral infection in which a person develops extremely itchy blisters all over the body. It used to be one of the classic childhood diseases.  Chickenpox is caused by [...]

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Remedies for Acute Illnesses

Homeopathy has a great success rate for acute illnesses.  There are many great homeopathic remedies for acute illnesses.  These are some of my favorite remedies. Remedies for Specific Situations and Acute Illnesses Kali-bichromicum. Number one remedy for sinus infections. Chamomilla. Number one remedy for teething. Ignatia. Number one remedy for acute grief or emotional shock. Belladonna. Number one remedy for high fever. Aconite. Number one remedy [...]

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Natural Remedy for Strep Throat

There are many natural remedies for strep throat.  My mother raised me sipping on a mixture of vinegar, water, and honey at the first sign of sore throat.  I still use vinegar when I am unable to access my homeopathic remedies.  Everyone's immune system is different and results vary.  I have a few remedies that I advise friends and family to take for strep.  The [...]

Natural Remedy for Overeating

Is there a natural remedy for overeating? I know I have been guilty of overeating here and there.  Which is not too bad.  I just can't do it often if I want to stay healthy and fit.  There is a difference between chronic overeating and the occasional overeating.  I am more like the occasional overeater and my husband has the love of food gene.  He [...]

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Pregnancy Home Remedies

Pregnancy home remedies are important for natural childbirth.  I birthed my second son at home.  These home remedies helped me stick to my natural child birthing plans.  I found this great website that lists many of the common homeopathic remedies used for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.  I have experienced positive results with many of these.  For my second pregnancy I used Nux Vomica successfully for morning sickness. [...]

Natural headache relief.

Homeopathy is all about the details.  This may be one of the reasons I love it so much.  It works with my detail oriented mind.  Headaches can be from all sorts of things.  A headache for me may be totally different than a headache for my husband.  Homeopathy considers these details when suggesting a remedy.  It is very different than the medical approach. What kind [...]

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