Bites and Puncture Wounds

Ledum  (wild rosemary) ~puncture wounds (from needle pricks to dog bites) ~lacerations (especially hands and feet) ~insect stings or rashes. ~it promotes faster healing and is known to help deter sepsis ~it also has a knack for healing old yellowed bruises, black eyes and eye injuries (with the attention of a healthcare practitioner) ~similar applications for Ledum include: itching feet and ankles that become much [...]

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Backache Relief

  Homeopathic medicines are great for backaches.  Other forms of complementary therapies are massage therapy, acupuncture, and light stretching/exercise.  When used together the relief comes very quickly.  Here are a few remedies that are great for certain types of backaches. Arnica- Backache from injury or overuse of back muscles. Bryonia- Aching or stitching pain from the slightest movement.  Feels better when still.  Firm pressure gives [...]

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How are Homeopathic Remedies made?

How are homeopathic remedies made? This is something that has confused me over the years. When I first started using homeopathy I was not really worried about how it was made. I just wanted something holistic to work (that was not allopathic in nature). I new homeopathy was safe, natural, gentle, but that was about it. Now that I am studying it more and more, [...]

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Natural Remedy for Fever

Belladonna is a great remedy for fever. Of course, a doctor should be consulted anytime the parent feels like condition is serious enough.  One of the great things about homeopathic remedies is that they work quickly, especially for acute situations.  That is, if you have selected the correct remedy.  Belladonna should always be considered for a fever when: ~given at first stages of a fever [...]

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Pulsatilla for Colds

Pulsatilla is my favorite homeopathic remedy for colds and congestion.  About 4 years ago I was looking into natural healing with my first son.  He had colic as a little newborn and we did not have the most pleasant breastfeeding experience.  I stuck it out, but that is how I first learned about homeopathy.  I was researching all sorts of things and I would stumble [...]

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Remedy for Skin Conditions

There are great homeopathic ointment creams for skin conditions.  Dercut ointment is one of the best.  It is geared towards more serious or stubborn cases of acne, eczema, psoriasis, hives, cold sores, rashes, etc.  I have seen cases of stubborn eczema that cleared up on Dercut Ointment. I developed a cold sore (for the first time in my life!) about 6 weeks ago.  It was right [...]

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Indigestion or Nausea

There is a great homeopathic remedy for indigestion and nausea.  The nausea may come from overindulgence of food or drink.  These symptoms may come on about 2 hours after eating.  There may be a sour or metallic taste in your mouth.  You may have an onset of heartburn, bloating, and want to loosen your clothes after eating.  This remedy is called Nux Vomica 30C. In [...]

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Top 5 First Aid Remedies

We live in Florida and go outside most of the year.  There are lots of bumps, bites, and cuts that come our way.  My 2 boys have accidents daily.  Here are my Top 5 favorite First Aid Remedies.  Don't leave home without them. (1) Arnica. Number one remedy for accidents, shock, injuries, and bruising. Patient has a fear of being touched and may say they are “all [...]

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20 Remedies Every Home Needs

Here is a list of 20 homeopathic remedies that every family should not be without.  These remedies are great for beginners and should be purchased at 30 C.  The article can be found here. There are many great self help books on homeopathy.  One in particular is by Mirando Castro called "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook".  It is a great resource for remedy fundamentals.  She resides in [...]

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Cough Syrups

If you have lingering coughs in the winter a strong cough syrup comes in handy.  Listed below are the strongest natural cough syrups that I have found.  We can go through  bottles of random cough remedies from the health food store, but nothing works as fast as Apo- Pulm and Bronchi-Pertu.  Here is a little information about each: 1. Apo- Pulm- expectorant syrup is highly effective [...]

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