All Natural Toothbrush

My family has been using these eco-friendly and all natural toothbrushes over the last few weeks.  They are pretty awesome.  Brush Naked believes in Sustainable Living and every toothbrush is made from 100 percent Bamboo.  I have been using these toothbrushes along with my 2 boys (ages 5 and 7).  Kids can be picky about trying new things, but no complaints or resistance here.  Neither […]

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Healing an Umbilical Granuloma Naturally

My daughter was born August 13,2014.  I was the happiest Mom on the planet.  The labor was only 3-4 hours and the delivery was nice and easy (a first for me).  All those essential oils and chiropractic care really made a difference this time around!  Now I know what people mean when they say it’s easy to push a baby out.  I did have her […]

Essential Oils for Bug Bites

We are visiting my parents ranch in Florida and the boys are outside playing all day long.  They are swimming, riding horses, catching butterflies, picking figs, fishing, counting cows, etc.  Lots of sunshine and lots of bugs.   I have tested and tried many essential oils.  I have discovered my favorite essential oils for bug bites and stings.  Some essential oils work a little better […]

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Wrinkles and Aging Skin

Essential Oils are very helpful in preventing wrinkles and aging skin.  Cellular regeneration is the key to preventing wrinkles and aging skin.  Essential oils accomplish this and it is far more pleasant than most methods of skin care treatment.  The nutrients and proteins in essential oils help to maintain the elasticity of collagen and encourage the regeneration of new cells.  The circulation-stimulating properties of the oils […]

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Natural Insect Repellent for Camping

Natural Insect Repellent for camping is important to babies, small children, and adults with sensitive skin.  I am very sensitive to fragrances and I use natural insect repellent  for camping and when going places where there are lots of insects or mosquitos.

We are out of town camping this weekend in Idaho and Wyoming.  We are staying at an old farmhouse that sits on 11 acres. […]

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How to Treat Head Lice

Treating head lice naturally is safe, easy, and affordable.  A few months ago there was lice outbreak going around my nephews school.  My sister in law did some research on naturals ways to get rid of lice.  I decided to jump in and help her figure it out.   She ended up following these steps:

Step 1. Coconut Oil/ Olive Oil

Spread the coconut/ olive oil throughout […]

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Anti-Aging Serum

I have been using different anti-aging skin care products over the last few months.  I have tried quite a few.  This product is a new favorite of mine.  It is called Restoring Rosehip Oil.  It is Organic and it contains only 2 ingredients.  I like that.

I developed a homemade anti-wrinkle cream awhile back and the main ingredient that helps with diminshing wrinkles is Rosehip Oil.   About […]

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Homemade First Aid Ointment

This is a very versatile homemade first aid ointment.  The included essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and  anti-parasitic.  This homemade first aid ointment is necessary for any natural medicine cabinet.  I have been using a great brand from my local health food store, but it is almost out.  My young children get lots of bumps and bruises.  I have never used the regular antibiotic […]

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Homemade Deodorant Bar

I have been using my homemade deodorant formula for almost 6 months and I really love it.  No bad body odor and no toxic chemicals going onto my skin.  A win/win.  My only complaint with the homemade paste was that I had to use my fingers to apply it.  I have been thinking about making it into a bar for sometime, and that time is […]

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Homemade Facial Cleanser

Homemade facial cleanser is easy to make, inexpensive, and non toxic.  I have seen a few homemade facial cleanser formulas floating around pinterest.  This is my version of an easy to make homemade facial cleanser.


1/2 cup liquid castle soap

1/2 cup rose water

1 1/2 tsp of apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, or olive oil

7-10 drops of essential oil (I used rose hip seed oil)

Mix ingredients […]

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