My name is Kaley and I am passionate about real food, natural healing, and non-toxic living.  I have 3 kids and a busy working husband.  We try our best to eat real and nourishing food at home.  We have gone through phases when eating clean food hasn’t happened at all (LOL) but we keep moving in the healthy direction one step at a time.  Children’s health and nutrition is also very important to me.  I can tell that my kids have benefited from me doing the research and questioning medical professionals.  I love my mommy brain… the good, bad, and sleep deprived part.

We have been using natural healing methods successfully for over 10 years.  There are many safe and holistic alternatives to the westernized approach to medicine.  These natural alternatives are less expensive and do not have risky side effects.  We use natural healing, have healthy sleep habits, reduce toxins in our home, and enjoy the outdoors.  All these things are important to a happy and healthy body.

Lately as the kids are getting older getting them outdoors is the best remedy for healthy mental health.  Kids are required to do more inside these days and less outside.  I am always trying to get them outdoors and get them moving.  Nature is an incredible healer.  xoxoxo