How to Treat Head Lice

Treating head lice naturally is safe, easy, and affordable.  A few months ago there was lice outbreak going around my nephews school.  My sister in law did some research on naturals ways to get rid of lice.  I decided to jump in and help her figure it out.   She ended up following these steps:

Step 1. Coconut Oil/ Olive Oil

Spread the coconut/ olive oil throughout […]

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Bear Lake, Idaho

John and Grant took a weekend trip to Bear Lake, Idaho.  Look how pretty Idaho is this time of year!!

This is a picture of Izzy and Grant exploring.  The property is a little over 11 acres.  The boys left on Friday afternoon with Doug and 5 other kids.  Bear Lake is about 3 hours northeast of Salt Lake City.  I have not been up to […]

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ABC Homeopathy

A great book on the ABC’s of Homeopathy.  The basics.  Simplified.  Easy to read.  Many of my readers (and friends) email me often and ask me what books I recommend for parents wanting to learn more about Homeopathy and Childhood Illnesses.  This is one of the first books I read when I started using natural healing.  It is a great book to start with.

Dana Ullman is […]

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Pony Ride

Pony Rides are a favorite activity for my boys.  The pony ride at Thanksgiving Point is worth the trip.  My parents were in town a few weeks ago.  It was a lot of fun!  We decided to take  the boys to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country.  There is a petting zoo, wagon ride, and a pony ride.  The boys really loved the pony ride.  They wanted to go […]

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Horses and Kids


Horses and kids are like sugar and spice.  One compliments the other.  I am speaking from my own experience with my sons.  My parents are ranchers, they own a number of cows, goats, chickens, horses, donkeys, and Shetland ponies on over 1000 acres.  They breed and sell a specific horse breed…. Rocky Mountain Horses.  This breed has a smooth gait and good temperament.  Many parents […]

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Damaging Effects of Sugar


The negative things sugar can do far surpass the momentary happiness on your tongue after consuming a mouth full of it on a fresh donut or in your morning coffee. Unfortunately, sugar can also throw off the body’s homeostasis and create many short term and long term problems. Excess sugar may result in a number of other significant consequences such as achy joints, acne, […]

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Homemade Dandelion Tea

Our yard is full of spring dandelions! I had no idea about this little Utah treasure.  The kids are in heaven with all the flowers popping up.  I had each of the boys gather a bag full this morning.  It was really quiet for about 30 minutes…. miracle around here!

Garrett was so proud.

Here are the pretty flowers.

What to do with all the dandelions? Today I decided […]

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Natural Ways to reduce Anxiety

What are your ways to reduce anxiety?  I eat foods that help me reduce anxiety.  I exercise to reduce anxiety.  I do deep breathing to reduce anxiety.  Many things help to reduce anxiety, but one important Mineral really reduces anxiety.  Any guesses??  This Mineral is the popular Mineral Magnesium.  Magnesium lotion, oil, powder, and bath salts really help reduce anxiety for me.The last few weeks […]

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Trip to the ER (part 2)

Here is Part 1 of my Traumatic trip to the Emergency Room.

Back to last week.  It’s Wednesday night and I am back in the ER waiting room.  This time there is a long wait.  I have a fever and my throat is about 50 percent closed.  I had a throw up bag that I used to spit in.  At this point it was easier to spit […]

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My trip to the Emergency Room

I wanted to write a quick update about my health status.  I was severely ill the last 10 days and I ended up in the Emergency Room twice! Not something that I am used too.  I haven’t been to a hospital in over 5 years (birth of first son).  I haven’t even been to a regular doctor (besides a regular check up) for over 3 years. […]

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