Benefits of Whey.

What is whey?  I am not talking about the commercial protein drinks for working out and building muscle.  My husband drinks whey protein shakes right now- eck!  The whey I am referring to is a by-product of a natural process called fermentation.  The by-product of cheese making or the liquid part of yogurt (clear liquid ).  This happens when you make butter, cheese, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, etc.  Whey has been called “liquid gold” throughout all time.  Why?  It contains nutrients, vitamins, and powerful good bacteria.  Our immune system needs good bacteria to fight all the bad bacteria that we are exposed to each day.  That is why it is SO important to consume fermented foods every day.  Here are some of the healing properties of whey.

The Healing Properties of Whey

Whey has numerous healing properties. It’s healing action works in multiple fashions. It acts on the intestines, liver, and kidneys, while encouraging assimilatory and eliminatory functions.

  • Whey is a quite gentle laxative. It is effective in the case of intestinal sluggishness as well for both occasional and chronic constipation. It has even sometimes provided excellent results in cases where the intestines have been exhausted by overuse of purges and harsh chemical laxatives.
  • By helping the intestinal flora regenerate, whey has a beneficial effect on the digestive process. When intestinal flora is partially destroyed or imbalanced, the transformation of food is poorly achieved, which can cause a number of chronic digestive disorders. Taking whey regularly can cure these problems and restore normal digestive function.  Lactose is the nourishment of choice for the beneficial bacteria of intestinal floras, because it allows them to reproduce and multiply much more easily. It is therefore particularly useful to consume whey at times when the microorganisms of the intestinal flora have been destroyed, for example when antibiotics have been taken.
  • Bodily tissues hold a certain amount of fluids that are retained there by, among other things, the presence of salt. Consequently, there is a physiologically beneficial salt content in the body. In certain pathological situations, however, this content can increase, which naturally results in an increase of the amount of fluid that is held. Edemas will appear, often in the legs (particularly around the ankles), the hands (making it difficult to remove rings), and the eyelids. Because this additional water content has caused the tissues that make up the various organs to swell, numerous health problems can result, including high blood pressure, blood or lymphatic stasis, and organ congestion.
    Taking whey, which is rich in potassium, is quite useful in these situations because potassium is the natural enemy of salt and expels it from the body along with the water it has retained. .
    A large fluid elimination is one of he more visible and spectacular effects of the whey cure. The quantities of urine that are eliminated are clearly higher than the quantities of water ingested, especially when the individual has been retaining water.
  • The kidneys are among the main organs for the elimination of wastes and metabolic residues. They filter wastes out of the blood and eliminate them in a diluted form as urine. The kidneys are constantly working to maintain the composition of the blood as close to its ideal as possible.  For various reasons however, this elimination can take place in an insufficient manner. Unable to exit the blood, the wastes collect in the body where they can cause various disorders. Gout, for example, is a disease caused by the presence of too much uric acid in the body, acid the kidneys should be eliminating. This disease is displayed by very painful crisis of acute arthritis, generally located in the big toe.
    Other diseases caused by poor renal elimination include rheumatism, osteoarthritis, and some forms of eczema.
    Blood analysis after whey cures confirms that the blood has rid itself of numerous wastes. This is also evident by the fact that the symptoms of diseases will diminish in intensity or disappear altogether.  Full article here.
This article is full of amazing facts.  I love reading about this amazing powerful liquid.  It has so many healing benefits.  It is never to late to benefit from the healing properties of whey.  Start drinking some today!
~Green Boot Girl
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  1. Anonymous February 7, 2012 at 2:10 am - Reply

    At my 32 week check up today–the doctor was impressed that there were no signs of swelling! I know the daily dose of whey is really helping me have a healthier pregnancy.

  2. Anonymous February 7, 2012 at 2:20 am - Reply

    Great job! That is a huge benefit of whey during pregnancy. Not too much longer! Keep it up.

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