//Our Donkey Willie

Our Donkey Willie

Training a donkey is a lot different than training a horse.  Willie has been part of our family for a number of years, probably 5.  He is a mammoth donkey.  He is very strong.  He is a low maintence animal.  Willie likes a lot of human attention. He is very sweet.  Donkeys are not flight animals.  As a matter of fact they are prey animals.  One always wants to be on the good side of a donkey.  Willie will out live me.  They live to be about 40 years old.  I turned 57 this week.  Greg and I traveled to Europe a few years ago and saw many people that were towed around by donkeys.  It was so intriguing to me.  The people seemed so happy.  So I have linked happiness to having a good donkey.  Greg and I now have 7 donkeys.  We are very happy.

Yesterday was a culmination of many years of baby step training.  I spent a lot of time with Willie when he was a youngster.  He would follow me around like a baby duck would follow its mother.  Several years have passed.  It seemed like the right time.  Willie came up to the fence.  Allan, Anne, Greg, and I put on the harness (which he has worn many times) and hooked him up to the practice cart.  The cart isn’t very pretty but a horse or donkey can not hurt the cart.  It is already been bent and it is very heavy.  As you can see in the picture Allan gave him some additional weight.  Willie did a wonderful job.  He pulled the cart.  All donkeys and men need a job.  Willie felt like he had found his place in life.  I thought that after we unhooked him he would never come up to the gate again.

He followed me around like a baby duck follows its mother.  Happiness…….

~Green Boot Grammie

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