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10 Day Raw Milk Cure

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One century ago, milk was known as a healing food that cured people of many common diseases. Patients went on exclusive raw milk diets for three weeks or longer and, as a result, cured many common diseases that ailed them and still plague us 100 years later:

Rheumatoid arthritis, edema, ulcers, indigestion, low thyroid function, congestive heart failure, asthma, hay fever, appendicitis, gallstones, infertility, narcotic habits, anemia, insomnia, migraines, acid stomach, eczema, tuberculosis (in its early stages)

The milk diet became so popular that two practitioners most known for the diet, Dr. Charles Sanford Porter and Bernarr

[sic] Macfadden, received correspondence from all over the world from people who wanted advice about going on the milk diet themselves. Both men responded by writing books to help these people put themselves on a milk diet in their own homes, under their own care. These books were way ahead of their time – they were early self-help books in the nutrition field long before the self-help genre blossomed.

Charles Sanford Porter in The Milk Diet and Bernarr Macfadden in The Miracle of Milk wrote popular how-to books on curing chronic diseases with milk. Porter and Macfadden even collaborated on a third publication also titledThe Miracle of Milk, a rare collection of pamphlets on the milk diet. In these books they answer common questions of their patients and they provide powerful testimonials about the healing power of milk.

I am joining forces and starting the 10 day Milk Cure.  We are beginning March 1st and finishing March 10th.  I have a few health reasons for wanting to do this right now.  The hope is to drink 6 ounces every hour (stopping at 8 pm).  This helps cut out any food cravings.  I am not a huge milk drinker so this is going to be tough.   I leave the raw milk drinking to the boys.  But here goes.  I have some plaguing health concerns that have just surfaced the last week, so this may be the perfect time for me.  I am also hoping this really helps stabilize my blood sugar, which has seemed to work for others in the past.  I am excited and nervous.  I will do updates from Days 1-4, Days 5-8, Days 9-12.  I may extend mine a few days if I am feeling great.

Here is a post about a woman that has helped her Lyme’s Disease by doing a 90 day milk fast.  It can be found here.  Go check it out.  I have always suffered from chronic fatigue, kidney issues, irritable bowel (when I was in college), yeast overgrowth, etc etc.  I eat pretty healthy now, so many of these things have gone away…. but I still wonder what else lurks inside me.  We will see how much better or worse I feel.  Bring out the jugs 🙂

Check out my results here~

Days 1-3

Days 4-6

Days 7-9


~Green Boot Kaley


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