/, Raw Milk/Milk Cure (Days 1-3)

Milk Cure (Days 1-3)

Here are my health reasons for starting the Raw Milk Cure 2012.  About 10 days ago I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured over my left ovary.  It was not very big, but very painful.  The last time this happened was about 6 years ago.  I actually had surgery to go check things out and that is when I got the diagnosis.  They tend to happen when I am stressed out~ which was the case about 2 weeks ago.  For some reason I was more stressed than normal.  On to the reason for the Milk Cure~ as a result of the rupture there is pain in my abdomen when digesting food.  It should last for a few weeks.  The pain has been pretty bad.  It occurs about 20 minutes after I eat and can last for hours.  I have to use a heating pad to make my colon stop spasming.    It hurts to eat, so I thought what the heck… this is the perfect timing for a healthy milk fast.  I am continuing to take my fermented cod liver oil~ but that is it raw milk and cod liver oil.  Here are my results so far.

Day 1 : (February 29th)

-My mistake.  I thought today was March 1st.  By the time I realized it the day was half over.

– Take 6 ounces every 1-2 hours

–  Woke up with milk stomach pain.  I drank about 24 ounces of milk by noon.  My stomach pain totally gone.

– Feel good.  Occasionally tempted by food.  The toughest part is to make good food, but not be able to eat it.

– Increased energy in afternoon which is unusual.  I am normally most tired now.

-I had joint pain in my right knee that has disappeared. (Pain for last week)

– Mental Clarity.  Noticed my emotions seemed more stable. I am usually a wreck with the boys screaming b/w 4-6pm.

– Best thing-NO ABDOMINAL PAIN in 10 days.  I don’t know how people live with chronic pain.  I never could.

– I feel great. No weakness or feeling dizzy – which I get during the day.

-Total milk for the day 2/3 a gallon.  I am not feeling hungry at all.

– No bowel movement.

Day 2: (March 1st)

-Slept great.

– Woke up a little hungry.  I think I am going to start drinking more before bed. (12-18 ounces)

-Right after I drank my 12 ounces for breakfast I felt immediately better~ IMMEDIATELY

-Lots of energy in the morning.

-No abdominal pain.

-Great mental clarity.

-My blood sugar is not dropping like it normally does: no dizzy spells, no fatigue, no fuzzy feelings, no mood swings

-Not eating is still tough.  I love food, but I am not craving it.

-Great energy in the afternoon/evening

-Lost 1 pound (not doing this for weight loss, just keeping track)

-Bowel Movement (solid, light brown) / no cramping or pain like the past week

– My hormones feel very balanced: which has not been the case since the ruptured cyst.  I have been all over the place the last 10 days.  I feel very centered and balanced hormonally and emotionally.

– Day 2 of being Pain Free-HOORAY.

Day 3 (March 2nd)

-I woke up feeling hungry.  Drank 12 ounces of milk and felt better.

– Great energy throughout the day.

-Played with my boys ALL day.

– Noticed a little kidney pain (both sides) and ovary(left) pain~ not sure what, but would come and go.  Hoping this is related to the cleanse.

– Good mental clarity again-I feel a lot more balanced than normal.

– Getting tired earlier in the evening and not using food to keep me awake.  This is a good thing bc normally I stay up too late~ and can’t fall asleep.  The opposite is happening.

-No PAIN for 3 days.  That is worth it for now.

-No weight change today.

These are my observations so far.  It has only been 3 days, so I am not looking for any huge changes.  I love that I am feeling great and emotionally happy because I have done juice fasts before and under no circumstances could I do it with 2 small boys.  Pain was the reason that I started and I am glad that things cleared up so quick.  I am remaining on the Milk Cure long enough for permanent healing (hopefully)!! I will keep chugging for now.

~Green Boot Kaley

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