Milk Cure (Days 4-6)

I am doing the 10 day milk cure and feeling good!

Day 4 (March 3rd)

~Woke up tired and hungry, but stayed up way too late Friday night.

~ Drank 10 ounces of raw milk, immediately felt great.

~Constipation in the morning- which NEVER happens for me.

~I added 1/2 cup raw yogurt with 1/2 cup raw milk and drank that 3 times today.  That helped with that issue.

~Stool light yellow (like a newborn baby)

~I joke with people and tell them I am on the newborn diet

~Skin lookers brighter and clearer

~ Noticing a tightening happening in some skin areas on my face and neck- like a little lift.  This normally happens when I loose weight, but my weight has stayed the same.  I do think I am loosing fat, but gaining muscle.

~Good mood and no hunger pains all day.

~Drank 2 cups of milk whenever my body said “I’m ready” which was about every 2 hours.

~One trick to make the milk easier to drink.  I froze a whole gallon and then let it defrost 80% – it was like a milk slushy.  Very good.  I am sure it is better for digestion to be warmer than cooler.  It is just so hot it Florida right now.

~ I almost forgot…NO PAIN.  It is easy to forget about… but that was my motivation for starting this whole thing.

Day 5 (March 4th)

~First day that I did not wake up hungry.

~Drank 2 cups for breakfast.

~Felt energized all morning.

~I ended up eating a little food for lunch.  1/4 cup organic cooked rice with baked chicken (local and pastured).

~Felt full and tired after eating.

~By evening my pain was BACK.

~Not happy about the pain, drank 2 cups milk for dinner.

Day 6 (March 5th)

~Felt pretty good this morning.  Woke up very energized.

~Tonsils still swollen a little.

~Drank 2 cups of milk for breakfast and took my cod liver oil.

~Bowel movement, still a little constipated, but not as bad.  (light yellow)

~Going to keep taking the yogurt and cod liver oil to help with that.

~2 cups for lunch.

~2 cups for dinner.

~I think that my appetite is getting a little smaller.  My body is adjusting to the milk fast.

~NO sugar or gluten for 6 days !!!! Big accomplishment for me.  (not counting the milk sugar of course).

~I can tell that my body is loving the diet.  I think that it craves the nutrition from the milk.  It really is a super food 🙂

~I had swollen tonsils all day, but they seemed to go down by the evening.

~No bowel movement today (I am used to going every day so this is unusual)

~I have gained a pound, but I believe it is muscle and not fat because my pants are not as tight.  Actually I wore a pair of pants that I haven’t been able to wear since my second son was born 2 years ago.  Pretty amazing for me.

And as always….keep chugging!

~Green Boot Kaley

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