Milk Cure Days 7-9

I am still on the Milk Cure and feeling good!

March 6 (Day 7)

~Woke up tired, but went to bed late.

~Not hungry in the morning.

~My swollen tonsils are gone, but I am having lots of drainage.  Good detox sign.

~ Drank 2 cups of raw milk with 1/4 cup of raw yogurt mixed in.

~Bowel Movement, no constipation issues, light yellow color

~2 cups of raw for lunch

~Drainage is gone, a little headache in the afternoon

~took a small nap in the afternoon

~2 cups of raw milk for dinner

~no more drainage, voice is a little scratchy

~1 cup of raw milk bf bed

March 7 (Day 8)

~Woke up and felt pretty good.

~Again, wasn’t too hungry.  Getting a little antsy to eat again.  I made the boys the best breakfast!

~Drank 2 Cups w/ Yogurt

~Bowel Movement the same as other days.

~Good energy.

~Drainage is totally gone.  Voice is better today.

Drank 12 ounces for lunch.

~Energy still good.

~TMI (started my cycle ) no cramping and light bleeding which is a good thing, because normally it is painful.

~I did feel strong sugar cravings, maybe bc of that.

~Tired, and a little stressful with the kids today.

~ 2 cups for dinner.

~Weight the same, but I do think I have lost fat and gained muscle.

~Good muscle tone in my legs, less cellulite, and tighter skin

~Weird, but I noticed my skin on my neck looks very smooth (cool)

March 8 (Day 9)

~Woke up and felt good.  I drank 2 cups of milk

~Had a few very stressful things happen.  Locked my keys in the house and my car battery died.

~I ended up breaking the fast at lunch, because I seemed to be really stressed about all this mess.

~I am disappointed that I ended a day early, but my goal is to do the fast for 2 meals a day/ and eat the other.

~I definitely want to keep drinking the milk for breakfast.  It really starts my day on a great foot.

~homemade chicken salad for lunch

~I did notice that after lunch I was a little moody.  My body was already reacting to the food.  Interesting.

~2 cups raw milk for dinner.

~light female cycle (love this part)~ which means it did help me hormonally. yeah!

Thanks so much for following me on this milk fast.  I learned a lot about my body and I felt great most of the time.  I will be doing this again very soon when my life settles down a little.  I am so happy that I gave this a try! Keep chugging!

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