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Nubian goats as pets

About 3 years ago, I decided I wanted to buy some goats.  We didn’t even have any pets at the time.  No fish, no turtle, no dog.  One day after John’s class (he was in grad school) our little family went on goat finding adventure. We loaded up my dad’s truck, hooked up his horse trailer, and headed up to North Florida to pick up some Nubian goats that I found online for sale. I was surprised at my own enthusiasm.

How did I get this crazy idea? Well, my sister had just bought 2 nubians the week before.  Funny how younger sisters always want to do what older sisters do.  So, we drove about 2 hours north of Inverness, and we pulled up to this shack in the middle of no-where.  I started to doubt my little plan and my husband was not impressed at all.  I felt as if I was on some rescue crew saving these poor goats from pretty slim living conditions. There was no grass, just dirt and an electric fence. The owners were very friendly, they just did not have the room for the growing herb.  Both female goats were pregnant and were due soon.  We quickly loaded up the trailer and headed home. These goats won the goat lottery.  We took them to our 700 acre farm in Inverness full of green grass and all sorts of shrubs.  They are much healthier and happier now.  3 years later there are over 100 hundred goats grazing in Inverness.  Not too shabby.

Here are some pictures of our first few goats.  This is Sampson, who was a miniature nubian.  The boys loved to ride him.  He was very friendly.  (He is no longer with us…he was sold to a local family).  We still have the other three, amongst the big herd.                

They are very happy and healthy goats.

~Green Boot Girl

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