Kaley’s Quick Smoothie

This smoothie recipe is pretty simple: raw milk, raw yogurt, and a little organic flavored yogurt.  If you are not a raw yogurt drinker this may not make too much sense.  It is important to include  1/2 raw yogurt, so that the healthy benefits of the raw yogurt are not left out.  But as always, you can improvise and create your own mixture.  You will also need a blender.  I have a blendtec and LOVE it.  The reason I love this recipe is because it is fast and easy.  I usually have some form of all 3 of these ingredients in my fridge.  Which is not always the case with fruit.  Here goes.


Raw Milk

Raw Yogurt

Flavored Organic Whole Yogurt

Add to blender (blendtec) 10 ounces organic flavored whole yogurt (I use strawberry/banana), 12 ounces raw yogurt (I use thickened raw yogurt~not the thin kind), and 8 ounces raw grassfed milk.  Then pulse the blender slowly, so that it does not create too much foam at the top.  I am not a big fan of the milk foam.  Here is the end result.

This one has a little more foam than I prefer.  Each time is a little different.  This recipe makes about 6 mason jars of smoothie.  I store them in the fridge and drink them over the next few days.  Another reason I do not use fresh fruit for this recipe, the fruit does not hold up well in this smoothie.  I like to grab these for breakfast and for dinner, when I am in a hurry or if it is just too hot in Florida to cook.  Very refreshing and healthy!

Here is a little information about raw milk yogurt~ just in case you were wondering why it is healthier.

“Yogurt has great potential as a protective, anti-infection agent. Preliminary research indicates that increased yogurt consumption might help increase one’s resistance to immune-related diseases such as cancer and infection, particularly gastrointestinal infection. This is believed to be in part due to the live and active cultures (LAC) found in yogurt.

To make their products last longer on store shelves, manufacturers may heat-treat their yogurts after fermentation. While this doesn’t affect the calcium content of the yogurt, it does kill the live cultures, the very ingredient many people expect in a yogurt.

Don’t be confused by a label that says “made with active cultures.” All yogurts are made this way, but only the brands that are not heat-treated after fermentation retain their living cultures.

Freshly made yogurt with live cultures contains about 1 billion bacteria per  gram.”  The rest of the article can be found here.
That is one reason untreated yogurt is healthier…it is not heated and the living cultures are not killed off.  My 2 year old son drinks this yogurt smoothie twice a day, 20 ounces total.  We make this recipe weekly.
~Green Boot Girl
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    I’ve been making my own yogurt ever since I read French Women Don’t Get Fat – great book, great yogurt!

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