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Bites and Puncture Wounds

Ledum  (wild rosemary)

~puncture wounds (from needle pricks to dog bites)

~lacerations (especially hands and feet)

~insect stings or rashes.

~it promotes faster healing and is known to help deter sepsis

~it also has a knack for healing old yellowed bruises, black eyes and eye injuries (with the attention of a healthcare practitioner)

~similar applications for Ledum include: itching feet and ankles that become much worse for scratching or heat; red pimples on the forehead and cheeks; rashes with red spots; and various discolorations.

Definition from here.

Ledum is also great for relieving the pain and allergic reaction from a tick or spider bite as well as quickening the healing of puncture wounds.  Ledum can protect against tetanus with puncture wounds if given immediately.

“I recently gave Ledum to a 12-year-old girl who had a nasty tick bite that was turning black. She was also getting a low-grade fever reaction. She was feeling emotionally anxious, had some muscle pains, and was clearly having an allergic reaction to the tick saliva. Along with sending the tick in for testing and seeing the pediatrician, her mom wanted to treat her immediately with homeopathy. I recommended Ledum 30c two pellets twice over 12 hours. That was all she needed, the girl’s mood immediately improved, as did her general malaise. She was well after that with the tick bite healing quickly and painlessly over the next few days. No additional doses of the remedy were necessary.”

This article is from here.  The article is titled Family Homeopathy.

I have included this article about Lyme’s disease and Ledum because of how quickly Lyme’s disease is spreading.  It seems like it is becoming more and more common.  It is important to have holistic options when getting a tick bite or being diagnosed with Lyme’s disease.  It is an awful condition for the immune system.  It can negatively affect all aspects of health: mental, emotional, and physical.

Lyme and Homeopathy (from a Vet perspective) by Stephen Tobin, DVM

“I am a holistic veterinarian in Connecticut and have treated several hundred cases of Lyme disease in the past five years. After trying various homeopathic preparations, with only limited success, I found that Ledum in a 1M potency is about as close as you can get in a specific cure. I have used it in dogs, cats, and horses, and it does not seem to matter whether it is a recent infection, a year old, treated or untreated — they all respond curatively. I have not had a single case that did not improve.

While I do not treat human beings, some of my clients with animals suffering from Lyme disease have taken Ledurn 1M for their own Lyme disease infections, after seeing the positive result with their animals. The feedback I have gotten is all positive. I have told numerous naturopaths and homeopathic MDs about Ledum. One homeopathic MD runs titers on all his Lyme disease patients, both before and after treatment with Ledum, and has found that there is a constant decline in titer after Ledum.

For treatment, I give one pellet of Ledum 1M three times a day for three days. I have been using Borrellia burgdorferi 60X nosode, a homeopathic preparation, as a preventative for Lyme disease in dogs. I give orally one dose daily for one week, then one dose a week for one month, then one dose every six months. In the past four years, i have had only two dogs out of over five hundred on this regimen that might have contracted Lyme disease, both of which readily cleared with Ledum.”

You can read the rest of this interesting article here.
If you live in areas where there are lots of spiders or ticks, this may be a great remedy to keep in your first aid kit.  I have used it often on the boys with great success.  Read over the Top 5 First Aid Remedies to have on hand.  Don’t leave home without them.  With all the outdoor play we do on the farm, first aid preparation is a necessity.
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