Pregnancy Home Remedies

Pregnancy Home Remedies

Pregnancy home remedies are important for natural childbirth.  I birthed my second son at home.  These home remedies helped me stick to my natural child birthing plans.  I found this great website that lists many of the common homeopathic remedies used for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.  I have experienced positive results with many of these.  For my second pregnancy I used Nux Vomica successfully for morning sickness.  I used Cimicifuga, Caulophyllum, and Arnica towards the end of my pregnancy which helped with productive contractions.  I used high doses of Arnica (1M) for after the delivery, which lessened my pain and swelling significantly.  For postpartum depression I used Pulsatilla 200C.  I think I should have also taken Sepia 200C.   I wish I had known about the Mastitis remedy.  That was another thing that I struggled with the first few weeks of nursing.  Here is a list of remedies that help with common issues that arise during this time.  This list comes from the website linked above.

  1. Morning sickness: Sepia, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla
  2. Constipation: Nux vomica, Sepia, Opium
  3. Repeated miscarriage: Sepia, Sabina
  4. To encourage an efficient labor (for Primigravadas, or those with a history of long, difficult labors, anyone with cervical scarring, post-dates): Begin this regimen at 36 weeks and continue weekly until she reaches 40 weeks.
    1. Cimicifuga 12C: 1 pellet on Monday
    2. Caulophyllum 12C: 1 pellet on Wednesday
    3. Arnica 12C: 1 pellet on Friday
    4. Alternate method to make labor shorter and faster: alternate Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum starting at 38 weeks, do this for 14 days, 1 remedy each day. Note- do not use both protocols, choose one.
  5. Mal-Presentation of the Baby: Pulsatilla, Natrum Mur (if amniotic fluid levels are not normal)
  6. Lack of progress during labor: Pulsatilla, Caulophyllum, Gelsemium
  7. Post-partum hemorrhage*: Aconite, Arnica, Caulophyllum, Cinchona; to build blood afterwards- Ferrum Phos; *Note- seek medical treatment to make sure bleeding has stopped and to replenish fluid and/or iron stores.
  8. Retained placenta: Pulsatilla, Sabina
  9. Prolapse organs: Sepia, Hamamelis
  10. Mastitis: Phytolacca – hard lymph nodes and pain in nipple which radiates over body when child nurses, Belladonna- pain located in particular region, fever, throbbing hot shiny redness)
  11. Postpartum depression: Pulsatilla, Sepia


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