Beach Bliss

Beach Bliss

Today I spent the whole day at the beach with the boys.  It is great weather right now.  The water is still a little cold, but my crazy boys jump right in.  My 4 year old is a natural beach boy and my 2 year old is more apprehensive of the water, which is fine by me.  It is hard enough to watch one little guy out in the waves.  My 4 year old stayed in the water for 3 hours straight, just riding the waves.  He loves being in the water.  My 2 year old kept himself busy with throwing rocks and shells and finding ways to bury his cars in the sand. Relaxation at its best.

Garrett throwing rocks and shells.

Garrett just chillin.  I loved this moment.  He is not usually still unless he is asleep.

Grant riding the waves.  He is in heaven.

Watching the boys today brought me so much satisfaction.  Seeing their big smiles made me feel really good.  I enjoyed letting nature do the teaching.  I was the loved mommy, the mommy that rescues little boys when the waves come crashing over their heads.

Result of being at the beach all day- very tired and grouchy little boys. LOL.  Still worth it.  I put Garrett to bed earlier than usual and then I started doing the usual bedtime routine with Grant.  I read him three stories, sang him a song, helped him say his prayers, and finally pillow talk.  He can be quite the little comedian.  It was fun to listen to his childlike jokes.  His big eyes would stare right into mine and then he would giggle his heart away.  He is my tender hearted child.  When I was getting up to leave he said ” Mommy I love you.” And I said “I love you too”.  We have a whole “I love you” game that we play when I leave.  Then he said it again and I said it again.  Then he said “No Mommy”.  And I said “What?” And he said “I want you Mommy”.  I didn’t really hear him the first time.  Then he said it again “I want you Mommy.”  He has never said this to me before.  He sounded very sure about his feelings.  I started to think about the list of things I still had to do tonight: clean, clean, clean.  I told him that I needed to go have mommy time and clean up.  He just kept saying it over and over.  So I jumped back in bed with him for a little more snuggle time.  In that moment, I put my list of chores away and enjoyed just spending a few more minutes with him.  He finally went to sleep and I got up and went downstairs.  I kept thinking about what he said and wondering why he said it.

Then I cleaned up a little, made some dinner, turned on the computer, and saw this article.  “Your Children Want You.”  I clicked on it immediately and read the article.  It brought a few tears to my eyes.  I am glad I didn’t ignore his sweet little request.  Our children do want us.  That message was loud and clear for me tonight.  It must be something that I need to work on.  I have been trying to be a better mom lately ~ by seeing the world thru my boys eyes.  It changes my perspective very quickly.  I am working on being more patient  and a better listener.  Of course we are playing outside more because it is all about play at this age.  They can really beat me in the play department.

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