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No Sugar Challenge (Days 6-8)

I am changing my no sugar challenge to Low Sugar Challenge.  This is because I am still eating limited amounts of fruit and up to 1 tablespoon of raw honey daily.  Better than before, but not perfect.  No random cookies, treats, or milkshakes (usually leftovers from the kids).  I have learned over the last few days that I am not ready to take all forms of sugar out of my diet.  I am not ready emotionally or mentally.  The days that I had only fruit (and no honey) were VERY tough.  Lots of emotional ups and downs for me.  For the sake of the whole family (2 boys and husband), and not wanting to be a permanent roller coaster everyday~I am allowing the honey for now.  Maybe I will change later, but this seems to work nicely for my moods.  Isn’t that funny that I have figured out that a little bit of honey makes me a nice Mommy again~ just proves that I am dependent I guess.  I am filling my diet full of healthy fruit smoothies and lots of homemade Mexican food, because that is my favorite and it keeps me from wanting a “treat” after dinner.  I seem to be sleeping better.  I have toned up on my legs and my hips and I feel lighter.  I think I look better, but that could also be the nice little tan I am getting from the Florida sun.  I have more energy which I LOVE, but I am still having the emotional ups and downs.  I wonder if that will ever get better?  Maybe not.  I have years of sugar eating to detox I guess I shouldn’t expect any miracles.

In the gluten department.  I have done great taking out gluten.  I did make homemade pizza this weekend and so I ate some of that.  It was so good.  I immediately felt bloated and my little pouch popped right out.  I feel better on the days that I am gluten free.  Keep up the good work!


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