Raw Potato for minor skin burns

//Raw Potato for minor skin burns

Raw Potato for minor skin burns

Did you know that raw potatoes for minor skin burns works? I know it sounds crazy, but it seriously helped my minor burn.  You place the sliced  potato directly on the burn and it literally “pulls” out the heat.  You have immediate pain relief and the burn stops burning.  How do I know this?

About 3 years ago I was attending a local Chinese Christian Church (my husband speaks fluent Mandarin) and I was hanging out in the nursery with my oldest son (who was only 1 at the time).  A few chinese moms were talking back and forth in Chinese.  For those of you who were wondering I do not speak any Chinese.  I asked another woman, that spoke English, what the women were talking about about in Chinese.  The woman translated for me.

There was one woman talking about her son that looked about 18 months.  I guess the boy was taken in to get the flu vaccine a few days earlier.  The vaccine was administered in his left thigh.  Within 24 hours of the vaccine, the boy started limping and dragging his left leg.  There was a very HOT RED spot where the vaccine entered the skin.  The spot was also raised and hard.  The Chinese women were all giving the mother advice on what to do about it.  The women agreed… slice a raw potato and place it on the injection site.  The heat was causing pain and the boy wasn’t using his leg.  I asked the translator about this advice.  Why a potato?  She agreed and proceeded to tell me that raw potato is a well known natural remedy in China for minor burns, heat, and redness.  The potato draws out the heat.  I left that day feeling educated.  I was impressed with the knowledge of these women.  They seemed very content and self-sufficient.  Not running to the doctor at the slightest worry.

Back to today.  I was in the kitchen making soup today.  I love soup.  Pretty much all kinds…as long as it is homemade.  My sister in law has this amazing food blog called Suz Daily.  She can really cook, all my husbands sisters can cook for that matter (he has 9).  It runs in the Wirthlin family I think.  They have the Food Gene…. I like to call it.

Suz posted a recipe a few days ago that I have been wanting to try.  It is called Red Lentil Soup and I have been thinking about making it this whole week.  I decided to make it tonight.  I made it through all the steps and I was just at the end where you pour the boiled soup into the blendtec… and you are suppose to let it cool.  Well smart Kaley was in a hurry and I thought it was ready to be pureed.  Boy was I wrong and some of the liquid sprayed out the side and landed on my forearm.  It burned my skin immediately and left a big red mark….

Check it out.  It really hurt too.   I was a little ticked, but I stayed calm.  I have lots of natural things for burns, but I could really feel the heat under my skin.  It was still burning.  I remembered this group of Chinese women and how they talked about potatoes pulling out the heat.  That is exactly what I needed right now! I was lucky, I looked in the refrigerator and I had ONE potato.  Maybe my luck has turned around after all 🙂

I sliced the potato and placed it directly on the burn.  It felt SOOO good right from the beginning.

It was kind of hard to walk around with this and the boys kept asking me what was going on.  My 2 year old bumped his head and came running over and asked me to put the potato on his head… the message is a little fuzzy for a 2 year old!  I had the potato on my arm for a total of 30 minutes (I used both halves of the potato) and I could tell when the burning finally stopped 100 percent.

After about 30 minutes the big red burn looked more like a light heat rash…

And now as I type this post it has been about an hour and the burn and rash are completely gone… 100 percent!! I am feeling fine with no pain now.  Amazing.  I am so grateful for that 1 little potato in the refrigerator and for the women that educated me 4 years ago.

This is what I found online about potatoes and burns, “Soothe Minor Skin Burns. Another unusual use for a raw potato is to treat minor skin burns. The next time you get a burn, peel and dice up a small potato- or use a piece of a peeled potato, depending how large the affected area is- into fine pieces. Add a bit of tap water, just enough to make a paste. Apply the potato paste to the burn and let it set undisturbed for several minutes. You should feel relief from the pain.” Source

I didn’t do the paste, just placed it right now.  It worked perfectly.  My potato was cooled down (from the fridge) and maybe that helped it heal even faster.  Either way… I wanted to share my success.  I will keep a potato in the fridge at all times now 🙂

PS. I also read that applying a raw potato to acne (the red inflamed kind) will really help too.  Just FYI…


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  1. mlittrell89 October 26, 2012 at 12:03 pm - Reply

    I have never heard that before. I guess I need to always have potatoes around. Thanks for sharing!

    • Green Boot Kaley October 28, 2012 at 5:10 pm - Reply

      I know. It is kind of random, but totally works!!!

      • Cathie Mitchell November 4, 2012 at 5:19 pm - Reply

        Kaley, I had learned years back about using potatoes to draw out poisons from the bite of spiders or other insects…we used a potatoe on Matthew when he got a spider bite few years ago…it really works! so thanks for the other ideas on potatoes!

        • Green Boot Kaley November 4, 2012 at 6:48 pm - Reply

          Thanks for the extra tip. I will make sure we try that one again.

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