Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

//Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

I’ve been looking for high quality grass-fed beef jerky for a few months.  Regular store bought beef jerky is full of sodium and artificial preservatives.  One particular artificial preservative that is toxic and well known is Sodium Nitrite.  Sodium Nitrite has been linked to colon cancer and lung disease.  Beef Jerky is full of it.  Watch out!

Just google “negative health benefits of beef jerky” to learn more.  On the flip side, there are great homemade beef jerky recipes online.  I haven’t tried any yet, but hope to eventually.  In the meantime, I need healthy snacks that are quick and easy.  Why?  Well, we are moving in the next few weeks!! It is exciting, but all my extra time is spent cleaning my house and packing up boxes.  Lots of fun!

A friend of mine introduced me to this incredible grass-fed beef jerky that is called The New Primal.  They make artisan quality beef jerky.  It is…


All Natural. Hand Crafted. Minimal Processing. Gluten Free.

It contains: No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives!

There are 4 great flavors:

Just Jerky

Trail Pack w/ Mango

Trail Pack w/ Pineapple

Trail Pack w/ Cranberries

They are all amazing, but my favorite is the Trail Pack w/ Mango.

I arrived home on a Saturday afternoon after a quick workout.  I was pretty hungry and looking for a healthy snack before lunch.  My doorbell rang and a lovely box full of grass-fed beef jerky was on my doorstep.  Let’s just say that the next few moments were a blur 🙂  The Result: I had a few empty bags of The New Primal sitting at my table.  Really really great beef jerky!

Here is a little about the Founder Jason Burke:

“What began as a personal journey to improve my overall health and fitness has grown into a business I never imagined I would be involved in. Out of shape, overweight, and overall just not feeling that great, I discovered a whole new eating philosophy in 2009. Going Primal for me meant simplifying every area of my life, especially the food I eat. I had lost sight of how intimate and important the fuel my body runs on is. It wasn’t difficult to understand the benefits of high quality foods, free of chemicals and preservatives, and eating like our ancestors did – hunters and gatherers.

Armed with this new-found energy and information, I had to find ways to create intense flavors with all natural, primal-inspired foods and found it especially challenging to find quick, all natural, primal-style food on-the-go for the car, airplane, outdoor excursion, or even after a workout. I tried tons of jerky, trail mixes, and fruit and nut bars but it was challenging to find a “healthy” jerky – void of processed, over-salted, and preservative-ridden ingredients. So I did what many jerky lovers have done before me…I bought a dehydrator and started making my own jerky at home. By the time I realized it, I had four dehydrators running in my kitchen at the same time, and I was drying 50 pounds of beef a week for my friends and me. That’s when I realized I had actually started a business… and The New Primal was born.”

Go “like”  The New Primal to support local grass-fed companies.

If you are interested in ordering grass-fed beef jerky for only $6.99 a bag click here.  You will love it and feel great!


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