Wheeler Historic Farm visit

//Wheeler Historic Farm visit

Wheeler Historic Farm visit

The boys have been missing our Florida Farms the last few weeks.  I have been really missing them too.  Little boys need wide open spaces to run and and explore.  That is the thing I miss the most about Florida right now.  The mountains are beautiful and there are some amazing hikes in the Millcreek Canyon, which is about 2 minutes from my house.  It is a perfect hike for my 5 year old, but my 3 year old is not quite big enough to really hike.  He still likes to be carried…. he is about 40 pounds and way to big to be carried by me!  Hopefully he will be ready to hike in a year or two.

I found a Historic Farm just a few minutes from our home.  So happy about this!!!  It is on about 90 acres.  It is a small working farm.  It is called the Wheeler Historic Farm.  It is free to the public from 9 am -5pm. They host all sorts of events, 5K’s, weddings, family vacations, corporate parties, etc.  The property is  beautiful this time of year.  Here are a few of our pictures from the visit.


Grant thought this was his pony Oreo. He really thought that we brought him all the way out from Florida.  He had to call Papa and ask because he wouldn’t believe me.  I felt a little sad for him.  He misses Oreo.


IMG_6498 IMG_6496

Lots of room to run! And run they did…. all around the property.


Both the boys wanted to play with the baby goats and the baby lambs, but I had to explain to them that these are not our animals and that he can only play with them through the fence.  Grant was not a big fan of that.


They loved chasing the geese and the ducks.  There were hundreds of them.

IMG_6497 IMG_6496

There are many cool antique barns and little structures for the boys to explore.  The little playhouse on the left is so unique.  They loved climbing the ladder and peeking out the playhouse windows.

There is a little farm store on the premise, but it was closed.

IMG_6508 IMG_6507

We found a running stream on the property.  The boys loved this! There is something about boys and rocks.  Best friends. 🙂

IMG_6494 IMG_6499


Can’t have a farm without chickens.  There were a few separate areas that the chickens are kept.  And there is my Garrett… found him in a dog house.  He didn’t realize it was a dog house and I quickly explained to him why a dog house may not be the cleanest place to play!  He jumped right out.

We didn’t see everything.  There are so many other amazing parts of the farm.  It was SO much fun! If you live in the Salt Lake Area you must check it out.

The Wheeler Historic Farm.

Oh, and they have very inexpensive summer camps for children 6 and older.  I signed up Grant for one.  They will be milking cows, gathering eggs, and other farm chores.  He is pretty excited and so am I.





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