My trip to the Emergency Room

//My trip to the Emergency Room

My trip to the Emergency Room

I wanted to write a quick update about my health status.  I was severely ill the last 10 days and I ended up in the Emergency Room twice! Not something that I am used too.  I haven’t been to a hospital in over 5 years (birth of first son).  I haven’t even been to a regular doctor (besides a regular check up) for over 3 years.  I am a natural healing blogger….. I mean come on…. I don’t get sick and go to a conventional doctor- right!?!?

So I thought until now.  I don’t have time to fill in on the details in one post, but I will start to explain what happened to me.

Now that is finally resolved…. I can actually face the events that occurred.  I suffered from a little bit of denial the first few days.

The move and all the new adjustments finally stopped me in my tracks.

About 3 weeks ago a very bad case of Strep Throat went through my husband’s extended family.  We were in contact with many people when they were in the contagious phase.  I was not too worried about it though, I have treated Strep Throat successfully with homeopathy and herbs many times.

Classic remedies:

Belladonna, Gelsemium, Aconite

Raw Apple Cidar Vinegar w/ Honey

I remember getting a slight sore throat for a few days, and then the sore throat went away.  During this time I felt a little more run down than usual.  I was super busy with family stuff and driving the boys around to 3 different schools.  My crazy schedule seemed to take over my life.  I was never this overbooked and busy in Florida.  We had lots of down time and quiet play throughout the day.  I didn’t stop and take the time to properly treat the illness that my system was fighting.  Remember with natural medicine, it is important to really assist the healing process with remedies, rest, and good nutrition.  I think I could have prevented what happened next if I had properly treated myself.  Sometimes, I find myself taking great care of everyone else and then falling into the typical mother trap.  I totally forget about my needs.  Well, this time I paid a severe price.

After a few more days of just feeling tired…. my throat started to hurt again.  This time is was just the left side.  My left tonsil was super sore.  Within 24 hours (Saturday night) I had a high fever and a really swollen left tonsil.  I knew it was bad, but even then I thought I would tough it out.

I started the remedies (almost in a panic)….. deep down I knew I was too late.  This infection seemed different.  It moved fast and it was VERY painful.  Within 48 hours I was taking Tylenol and Advil to manage the pain and the swelling.  I could barely move my neck.  My throat was starting to close up.  I could hardly swallow without Advil.  I was pumping in the natural remedies, homemade chicken broth, green tea with honey, colloidal silver, etc.  I started a no sugar/ no gluten diet.  It was kind of easy because I could barely even swallow liquids without excruciating pain.  I had a tough time swallowing the water to take the medicine.  There was no way food was going down my throat at all.  For 2 days I didn’t eat anything.

Within 72 hours my condition had worsened- Monday morning at 3 am… I woke up to piercing pain in my left ear.  I jumped out of bed and woke up my husband.  I told him that my left ear drum was going to burst.  I had never felt ear pain like this in my LIFE.  I have a whole new understanding for ear infections.  He was totally out of it… he thought he was dreaming.  I grabbed the car keys and ran out the front door.  I delivered a 9 pound baby at home (in the wrong position)….. the most excruciating pain of my life.  I can handle a little pain.  This pain was about an 8 on a 1-10 scale.  I drove myself to the ER.  Don’t feel bad, John had to stay home and babysit the boys anyways.  There was no time.  I was not waiting on anyone.  Luckily the hospital is 2 miles from my house.  I parked, walked in the ER and went right to the nurses station.  There was no one else in front of me.  My prayers had been answered…. in some form.  I kept praying I would be ok.  I was sick and alone in a hospital…. totally out of my comfort zone.  I was terrified.

The nurse and doctor put me in a room immediately.  I was in pretty bad shape.  The doctor took one look and my throat and told me I had a severe bacterial infection near my left tonsil.  My throat was 75 percent swollen shut.  I remember, even in my desperate painful state, I asked her…. are you sure it is not just viral??? I said- I haven’t had antibiotics in over 4 years…. I would really like to be sure before I take any.  She looked at me like I was insane.  I mean it is a little funny now that it is all over and I look back and remember.  I was sitting there…couldn’t talk, couldn’t swallow, drool all over my face, can barely breathe, in the most excruciating pain of my life (besides natural childbirth) and I am still trying to figure out the exact diagnosis.  She says that even if it started out viral that now I have a secondary infection and I quote her words “that is really angry and that the bacteria was back with a vengeance”.  Hmmmm…. Sounds lovely right?

I just wanted a culture.  I wanted someone to take a culture and tell me what the bacteria was.  Didn’t happen though.  The rest happened fast.  They wheeled in IV bags.  Hooked me up pretty quick.  And pumped me full of IV antibiotics, steroids, and pain medicine.  I made the nurse write down everything that they put in my IV bag.  Within 2o minutes I could breathe again and swallow.  Talking seemed like the biggest task, now it was just easy again.  The pain went from an 8 to a 3.  I can handle a 3.  I was in and out of the ER in an hour.  I was grateful that the overall experience went smoothly.  I know it could have been much worse and of course it could have been better (somehow arriving and getting better without any drugs).  In my dream world.

My official diagnosis after this first ER visit was acute laryngitis and peritonsillar cellulitis. Not pretty.

I left feeling defeated (emotionally), but physically better.  I kept telling myself, this is what conventional medicine is for…. emergency situations.  My body is strong and healthy, I can fight this infection. I always joke with people (especially my family) that I literally have to be dying to ever take antibiotics, so you can guess that everyone was pretty worried….

I drove home with a 7 day course of antibiotics and pain medicine to manage the pain.  I wasn’t going to mess around with this infection.  I took my antibiotics at the appropriate time.  I cut sugar from my diet.  Even fruit in the beginning.  If I was going on a course of antibiotics, I was not going to suffer from the diarrhea or candida aftermath.  NO SUGAR in any form.  I also stopped eating Gluten.  I wanted my inflammation to go DOWN.  My body needed all the support and help in the dietary department, so that my immune system could focus on healing me.

I was doing fine the first day after the ER.  I think I felt about 60 percent better.  I was hopeful that things were getting better.  Not the case.  By the second day my fever was coming back.  I was really starting to have pain again.  By 10 pm I couldn’t swallow and I  was back in the ER.  My father in law and brother in law are both heart surgeons here in Salt Lake City.  We took their advice and headed back to the ER.  I guess cellulitis can be pretty serious.  They were concerned that my condition was not improving on the antibiotics.  The next diagnosis…. peritonsillar abscess.  This second ER trip was much worse.  I was the unlucky one that had an intern try to drain my tonsils.  Drainage+ Tonsil +intern= torture.   I will write about Part 2 tomorrow.    Unknown

Off to bed.  It is getting late.  I feel like this “traumatic” experience has changed part of me.  I have a few positive experiences to share later…. I know hard to believe.


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    Wow! I’m glad that you are feeling better. I want to hear the end of this story…soon!

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