Stand Up Against Artificial Food Dyes

//Stand Up Against Artificial Food Dyes

Stand Up Against Artificial Food Dyes

The more I learn about artificial food coloring the more upset I am about it.  I hate that it is all around us.  I hate that it is tempting my child at every turn.  I recently wrote about how I hate that artificial food dyes are in the public school system.  In my opinion they need to be taken OUT! Immediately!   The more people fighting to improve the quality of food  the better (even if we are talking about candy!).

I am very happy to learn about Moms Petition Mars to Remove Artificial Dyes from M&M’s.

In this petition the mothers are asking Mars Company to change the artificial colorings to natural colorings.  What a great idea!! Seems so simple and not a big deal right?

“In this petition, I’m asking Mars to change to natural colorings,” mom Renee Shutters told me by phone. “It’s very doable.”

Shutters, who lives in Jamestown, N.Y., is mother of 9-year-old Trenton. And she says his behavior improved dramatically after she removed artificial dyes from his diet several years back.

“I went through all our cupboards and I couldn’t believe how much of the stuff had dyes in it,” Shutters told us. The chicken tenders in her freezer had dyes, as did the yogurts — even “the macaroni and cheese I was giving

[my kids] had it.”

Shutters says Mars has already replaced many of the dyes in the candies it sells in Europe and the U.K. with natural colorings made from vegetables and other plant sources.

“So it is [achievable],” says Shutters, “but they just haven’t done it here for our kids.” Source

What are some of the reasons the United States is so far behind in replacing bright artificial colorings with more natural colorings?

1. Cost —> natural colorings are more expensive (not surprised the US isn’t a big fan of increasing costs)

2. Colors—> the colors are not as brilliant/stable

3. Conflicting data —> on whether or not food dyes cause behavioral issues (not from a mother’s perspective, but they are talking about the scientists perspective)

NO promises from Mars Company yet, but they are saying that they will keep updating their products to meet consumer demand.  We need to increase our numbers and keep pushing for natural food coloring!  We need to help get artificial food dyes out of the American diet.  I think it is possible.  Little steps right??

You can read more about the article here…

How do you feel about artificial food coloring? Are you a parent?  Does it bother you?

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