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Pregnancy and Morning Sickness

Now that I am 10 weeks pregnant with #3 the morning sickness is in full force.  I remember having nausea with the boys pregnancies, but it never really seemed too bad.  It seems like my nausea was more at night than the morning.  With this pregnancy I have been nauseous pretty much sick week 7 and the nausea lasts from about 7 am until 1 or 2 pm.  Then I have breaks from it depending on what I am doing that day.  One natural remedy that has really helped me (and costs nothing) is sleep.  If I feel a wave of nausea coming on and I find a bed or couch to lay on for 10- 30 minutes…. the nausea often resolves itself.  Sometimes I take a quick nap and the nausea is gone completely (at least for a fe hours).  So rest really does help me feel better.  There have been a few mornings that I had to get up and get going and those were the mornings I ended up throwing up.  I have tried so many other little tricks and things that worked for my mom and sister.  Here are a few natural things that help me get the the morning/ night sickness.  I am going to rate them from 1-5 stars.  1 star for the least effective and 5 stars for the most effective.  Everyone is different, these are just the things that have been really helping me get through each day.  Pregnancy makes time STOP! That is one of the worst symptoms in my opinion 🙂

1. Lemon Essential Oil: 4 Stars

Lemon Essential Oil

My mother used a slice of a lemon (for nausea) and carried it around with her when she was pregnant.  She would pull it out whenever she walked into a place with a strong smell.  Instead of a slice of lemon I have been using Lemon Essential Oil.  Sometimes I just pull out the bottle and take a little sniff… especially when I go in the kitchen.  I diffuse it often throughout the day.  I rub a drop on my wrists or right below my nose… when I need a quick fix.  This method works immediately.  The only problem is that is does not last too long.  Maybe only 10-15 minutes.  Reapplication is necessary.  But it does work FAST!!

There is a great combination oil called Purify (that has Lemon in it) that works wonders too!

2. Raw Milk – 4 stars

Raw Milk Real Foods Market

Lucky for me I now live in a state that legally sells Raw Milk.  We buy our raw milk from Real Foods Market in Orem.  It is only about a 20 minute drive from my house.  I have always wanted to drink raw milk during pregnancy and now is my chance.  For my other two pregnancies I did not have access to raw milk until after I delivered.  Clean raw milk has many health benefits.  Redmond Farms has very strict testing procedures and they withhold the milk whenever there is an issue.  Since raw milk is a LIVE food it is full of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.  All these things are great for a growing fetus.  The protein content of raw milk is very high which helps stabilize blood sugar.  This is a great benefit to me right now, because when my blood sugar drops that is when my nausea peaks.  I am drinking 3-6 cups of raw milk throughout the day to keep my blood sugar stabile.  I have noticed less nausea and heartburn as a result.  Pregnant women need about 70 grams of protein each day. This is not an easy thing to accomplish when feeling sick and throwing up.  Meat is really not appealing to me right now.  Good thing I can fill in the holes with my raw milk.  I am getting at least half my recommended protein intake each day from raw milk.  I notice less nausea in the morning when I drink a big glass before I go to bed.

I do not recommend drinking raw milk for the first time when pregnant.  It is a very strong probiotic beverage and sometimes there may be digestive side affects when drinking real raw food for the first time.  A diet full of the standard american diet may be a little sensitive to the strong nutrients that are readily available.  If your diet is already full of probiotic rich food then you should have no issues with raw milk that is regulated and produced with care.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil 3 stars

A few drops on my wrist or a few drops in the diffuser and I immediately feel better.  The refreshing scent is uplifting and clean.  This combination helps my nausea go down.  Just like the other essential oils this is temporary, but I have found with pregnancy that a little relief goes a LONG way.



4. Rest/ Sleep– 5 stars

Since my first trimester has been during the holidays….. we have been busy and running around keeping up with all the holiday activities.  I notice now that the holidays are over my nausea and morning sickness are less severe.  I am guessing it is because I am resting more and doing less.  My husband has been amazing around the house with laundry and cooking.  He takes the boys out on the weekends and I can just lay in bed.  It has really helped me feel better.  I have noticed that when I do too much…. the next day I suffer.  I have to force myself to really be “lazy”.  As a mother of two young boys this is not an easy task.   They keep me running around all day.  Rest is free and easy to access.  We all have a bed and a couch…. we just need to use it.  I can not be supermom right now if I want to feel good.  I have to let a few things go.  I know this is preparing me for when the baby actually comes.  The same thing happens.  So for now, during my first trimester, rest gets all 5 stars!! I think it is the best way to feel better on a daily basis.

5.  Magnesium Spray/ Lotion– 5 stars

My “crunchy” friends have all told me that magnesium spray/ lotion really helps with morning/ night sickness in early pregnancy.  Most women and men are magnesium deficient because our food supply and soils are now magnesium deficient.  There are great articles on how magnesium can help prevent morning sickness and I have found this to be true over the last few weeks.  So I finally decided to experiment with the magnesium.  I used the magnesium spray one night…. woke up and the next morning and I had mild/no morning sickness.  Then I skipped a day and didn’t use the spray (I think I forgot)…. I had terrible nausea the next morning and afternoon.  A few more days went by and I remembered to spray the magnesium on my belly before I went to bed…. next morning I felt great! Crazy.  This continued on and off for 2 weeks and I noticed a significant decrease in my nausea if I used the spray the night before.  I am a now believer.  I am using the magnesium spray each night and sometimes during the day.  It is really easy to apply and there is no mess.  I feel much better and I still have 2 weeks until I am out of the first trimester! I am so happy I found this natural remedy.

This is the brand I use:


You can find it here.

These are just a few of my suggestions for now.  I am going to write a Part 2 soon!  Feel better if you are pregnant like me 🙂



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