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Third Trimester Baby Planning

I can’t believe the third trimester of my pregnancy has arrived. I am now 28 weeks. I remember the beginning of the pregnancy creeping by. I was so sick and tired that some days I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. Somehow we make it through and finally have a little relief. This little bun in my oven is very active and she kicks me all the time. My first son was very mellow in utero and he has a more mellow personality. My second son Garrett was kicking me ALL the time and flipping constantly. It is no surprise that as a 4 year old one of his favorite things to do is somersaults. I have yet to put him in a gymnastics class. I think he would be a natural. This third baby already resembles my 2nd child so I am gearing up for a high energy loud newborn. Garrett loved to be heard as a newborn and he never had an issue getting our attention! That is one reason breastfeeding did not last as long as I had hoped. I breastfed my first exclusively until 8 months old. Poor little Garrett only made it about 4 weeks. Looking back I realize it was more his personality than opposition to the breast. It was all so hard to figure out then. I used a homemade goat milk formula for Garrett from 3 months of age until 12 months and then switched to local raw milk. He grew like a weed and is my more healthy sturdy child! I have no regrets with the goats milk formula. I am so glad I took a little leap of faith and did something a little different. I followed my mommy instincts and I was right!! I love when that happens. (Because sometimes it doesn’t)!

For baby number three I am preparing to breastfeed and looking forward to it. I am also stocking up on a few essentials if breastfeeding has any hiccups like it did for Garrett. These are my favorite bottles for colic. They were a life saver for me.


Mam Bottles: here is a little info about them:

  • Wide mouth system made to be as close to breastfeeding as possible and are easy fill
  • MAM bottle is Bisphenol free
  • Orthodontic nipple is silky soft silicone
  • Easy to read scale for accurate measuring
  • Anti colic MAM valve means less gas for baby

I have spent good $$$$ on all sorts of anti colic bottles and I had the best luck with these.  They work really well for HUNGRY newborns.  My son was over 9 pounds at birth and he was eating double the recommended formula/breastfeeding amounts for his age group.  He was a BIG eater.

Goat Milk Formula:



With Garrett I used raw goats milk to make the goat milk formula and I followed the Weston A. Price formula for babies.  I was always planning on breastfeeding for an extended time so I was not prepared after his birth for any sort of formula feeding.  I used commercial formula until I had the strength and rest needed for me to make the raw formula.  He was not a sleeper if you know what I mean!! And the closest raw goats milk supplier was an hour away.  By three months old I had a schedule and my energy back and started him on the raw milk formula and it was great.  For this baby I have researched the best organic formulas and have read great things about this goats milk formula.  I have this formula on hand just in case I run into any breastfeeding problems or issues.  I am hoping I won’t! This formula is not offered in the United States so I have started to order 1 can a month (the shipping takes 2-3 weeks).  I like having something on hand for emergencies.  I will most likely switch baby number 3 to the raw goats milk  formula by 4-6 months.  We will see.  Parenthood has taught be to be flexible! If you are not, you end up banging yourself up against a brick wall.  Check out amazon for reviews on this formula.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Spray

This spray literally saved me after my home birth with #2.  If you have any kind of tearing or soreness I can not recommend a better product.  My tear recovery was much better with #2 than #1 even tough I tore more with #2.  It has special powers!



Check it out! You will thank me later 🙂

New Mom First Days KitMothers First Day Kit SmartChoices


  • Contains everything a new Mom needs for comfort and pain relief
  • A perfect shower gift for new Moms.
  • Useful box of products for new Moms
  • Value pack all in one box.
  • Feme pad, breast soother, Nursing pads, Nipple cream. all in one box.

The Feme pads are to die for! I seriously loved the cool gel feeling after labor and delivery.  These are amazing!! Another amazing product that really helps with recovery.

Just a few ideas that have really helped me during the 4th trimester.  I love having a little more preparation for each birth.  Birth is a beautiful thing and I cannot wait to have this sweet little kicker that already keeps me up all night.


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