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Natural remedy for Anxiety

There are great natural remedies for anxiety.  I have struggled from anxiety and used natural remedies successfully over the years.  Some natural remedies for anxiety work better than others.  These natural remedies work well for children and adults.  It is also recommended to speak to your doctor about moderate to severe cases of anxiety.

Homeopathy has natural remedies that work great for acute cases of anxiety.  If there is a history of anxiety related symptoms, professional constitutional care may be necessary for a deeper cure.

I have used these remedies with great success.  I have to admit that we use them OFTEN in our home.  The three remedies that always work for me and my mild anxiety are aconiteignatia, or silicea (which happens to be my constitutional remedy).  I will list a few and the symptoms that match the following remedies.

  1. Aconitum– sense of panic is felt, a fear that something awful will happen, feel so sick that they are going to die, are easily startled.
  2. Arsenicum–  a perfectionist, fussy about their appearance, tidy when ill, exaggerates the illness, acts more sick than they are, worried about almost everything.
  3. Gelsemium– anxious before an examination or contest, gets diarrhea or headache from anxiety, body trembling from anxiety, voice may tremble
  4. Ignatia– doesn’t express emotions, doesn’t stick up for himself, holds in feelings and pretends nothing is wrong, sighs, frequently explodes, easily offended, high-strung or sensitive children after they have been reprimanded, homesickness
  5. Lycopodium– feels insecure when ill and always wants someone around, effective for bedwetting child who is anxious, fearful of trying anything new, constantly worrying about what others think, easily embarrassed, fear of failure, performance anxiety (prior to performance child boasts about performance and once it arrives they become increasingly insecure)
  6. Silicea– very shy and have a fear of doing new things because they fear failure, lack confidence but they are very bright and usually do things well if they finish them, do not stand up for themselves, and need lots of encouragement, easily startled and irritated by little things, sometimes little things upset them more than big things, stubborn but not aggressive
  7. Natrum Mur– long-term emotional memory, once they get hurt they do not let go of the pain, bear grudges, dwell on past problems, death, divorce, lack of parental love, averse to sympathy and want to be left alone.

Magnesium deficiency is prevalent in the United States and this can lead to long term anxiety and many other health issues.  There are wonderful forms of magnesium that can be taken to help reduce anxiety: Magnesium oil, magnesium powder, magnesium bath salts, magnesium lotion.  These are all wonderful and all natural ways to increase your magnesium levels which help to reduce anxiety.  Magnesium cream is my favorite form of Magnesium.



Notes taken from Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants by Dana Ullman.

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