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Cold & Flu Remedies

Since cold & flu season is upon us and it's time to stock up on my natural remedies. 1. I have already used this one with great success, just a few weeks ago.  This combination remedy works great for colds and flus going around.  There was a very nasty sinus infection/ congestion going around and it seemed to linger longer (some of my friends still [...]

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Natural Remedy for Whooping Cough

Is there a natural remedy for whooping cough?  Whooping cough is a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract, primarily effecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. It’s highly contagious, and adult whooping cough is not uncommon. It starts as a common cold and develops into a spasmodic, persistent, suffocative cough accompanied by a sore throat, fever, mucus secretion and vomiting. Coughing continues until the lungs [...]

Catching a baby goat.

    Is not easy. We were in Inverness a few days ago and Grant was set on catching a baby goat.  At first I sent him out into the goat field to do it all by himself.  He was successful and caught this really cute pure white baby goat.  I thought that would be enough, but I was wrong!  He spotted the most beautiful [...]

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Beach Bliss

Today I spent the whole day at the beach with the boys.  It is great weather right now.  The water is still a little cold, but my crazy boys jump right in.  My 4 year old is a natural beach boy and my 2 year old is more apprehensive of the water, which is fine by me.  It is hard enough to watch one little [...]

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Benefits of Fish Oil

There are many health benefits of fish oil (and fermented cod liver oil).  The benefits of fish oil are well documented.  Researchers at Ohio State found that taking omega-3 supplements (a.k.a. fish oil) can help slow the body’s aging process by lengthening telomeres that often shorten with age. Telomeres are small DNA segments in white blood cells that shorten over time as the result of [...]

Horsepower 4 Kids

I decided to take the boys down to Horsepower 4 Kids yesterday afternoon.  It may not have been the best idea because it was right during Garrett's nap time (next time we will plan to go in the morning).  I had no idea they would have so many different types of animals.  This petting zoo is a local (Tampa) and runs as a non-profit organization.  I was [...]

Kefir Ice Cream

Kefir Ice Cream is refreshing and light.  There are many health benefits to eating kefir ice cream.  Probiotics (found in kefir) help keep an immune system strong and healthy.  The more friendly bacteria in your diet the better!  We eat probiotic rich foods, beverages, and desserts.  This is a great one. Ingredients for kefir ice cream: 2 cups kefir (can substitute yogurt, buttermilk, or Amasai) [...]

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Trail of Ponies

This is a great video of Campbell and Annastyn riding their ponies singing a little song they made up.  It is called Trail of Ponies.  Watching them brought back memories of my own childhood.  I remember being a little girl and having this same creativity and freedom that occurs naturally in youth.  I played in my backyard for hours in my little imaginary world.  There [...]

Pregnancy Home Remedies

Pregnancy home remedies are important for natural childbirth.  I birthed my second son at home.  These home remedies helped me stick to my natural child birthing plans.  I found this great website that lists many of the common homeopathic remedies used for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.  I have experienced positive results with many of these.  For my second pregnancy I used Nux Vomica successfully for morning sickness. [...]

Country Baby Cradle

My sister is having her 4th baby any day.  I know I have posted this a few times now, but really any day. :)  She had a surprise baby shower on Saturday and received a beautiful hand-made country baby cradle.  These pictures tell the whole story.  It fits perfectly with her country home, country life, and soon to be country baby.  We can't wait for [...]

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