Calcium in Eggshells

As frugal family farmers, we are always looking for ways to save on the costs of raising money.  We love eating our chickens’ eggs, but I found myself throwing away so many eggshells everyday.  I did a little research, and I discovered that with a little preparation, you can feed your eggshells back to your chickens—and it will actually improve their health. Turns out egg [...]

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Trail of Ponies

This is a great video of Campbell and Annastyn riding their ponies singing a little song they made up.  It is called Trail of Ponies.  Watching them brought back memories of my own childhood.  I remember being a little girl and having this same creativity and freedom that occurs naturally in youth.  I played in my backyard for hours in my little imaginary world.  There [...]

Little boys raiding the chicken coop

It doesn't take much for little boys to jump in a chicken coop.  I think they would take the chance whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Like today.  The little boys climbed in and we encouraged them to nudge the little chicks to fly out of the coup.  It didn't take much nudging, those little chicks were jumping out as fast as possible.  It was pretty [...]

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Is this a Rooster?

Like I said in an earlier post, I think that we may have 2 roosters amongst our 13 chicks.  Two of the chicks were very loud chirpers when they were small (much like my 2 boys) and I have heard that that could indicate a male bird.  Now that they are bigger, these 2 chicks are developing the red "things" on top of their little [...]

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The Chick Update

It has been a few weeks since the chicks arrived and I thought it would be nice to give everyone a chick update.  They are doing great! They love all the space in the coop and they are getting so big.  They weather has been mild in Florida this winter, so the chicks have had no problem being outside.  I think all the sunshine is [...]

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Naturally Green Easter Eggs

Last year for Easter, each family was responsible for bringing a dozen pre-dyed Easter eggs.  Well, my little flock of "Easter Eggers" already lay a variety of colors ranging from light green, to dark green, to brown, to even some that look a little pink.  All we had to do is hard boil the eggs.  Everyone was so shocked to see a naturally green egg! [...]

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The Chicken Coop is Here

The chicken coop arrived a few days ago.  We were very excited because the inside bathroom was starting to smell pretty bad.  We had about 15 chicks inside the bathroom for a week.  Sometimes the bathroom sounded like the bird aviary at Busch Gardens.  There is one black chick that is particularly loud and in charge.  She is definitely the boss.  Our favorite chick is [...]

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