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Grassfed Beef for sale in Brooksville and Inverness

We are now selling our Grassfed beef again.  Our locations our Brooksville and Inverness.  Our farms provide families with a healthy alternative to store bought meat.  Our cows graze on lush pastures we own and manage in Central Florida.  All our beef is free of hormones and antibiotics.  We avoid the use of herbicides, pesticides, and petroleum based fertilizers on our pastures.  We use farming [...]

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Florida for Thanksgiving

My family went home to Lakeside Ranch for the week of Thanksgiving.  My parents ranch is located in Inverness, Fl on 800 acres.  It was nice to escape the Utah chilly weather and spend our time outdoors in sunny Florida.  My favorite thing about Lakeside Ranch is that my boys wake up at 7 am, put on their boots, and then head out the back [...]

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Counting Cows

Today we spent the day at our 240 acre Brooksville Farm counting cows.  The grass at this farm is knee high and the cows are happy grazing the day away.  Their bellies are full of Florida organic grasses.  We have over 140 cows they are spread out all over the property.  It takes a few hours to count all the cows and their calves.  We [...]

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Weddings at Inverness,FL

A great place to have a Rustic Wedding. Lakeside Ranch and Resort Location: Inverness, FL (60 miles north of Tampa) Lakeside Ranch: 700 acres of beautiful Florida grass-lands.  Amazing views of the lake from the venue.  Across the street from Lakeside Golf and Country Club.   Options: ~Carriage Rides ~Hay Ride ~Horseback Riding ~Pony Riding ~Barn related decorations ~Kitchen w/ 2 gas stoves, 2 ovens, [...]

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Calcium in Eggshells

As frugal family farmers, we are always looking for ways to save on the costs of raising money.  We love eating our chickens’ eggs, but I found myself throwing away so many eggshells everyday.  I did a little research, and I discovered that with a little preparation, you can feed your eggshells back to your chickens—and it will actually improve their health. Turns out egg [...]

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Catching a baby goat.

    Is not easy. We were in Inverness a few days ago and Grant was set on catching a baby goat.  At first I sent him out into the goat field to do it all by himself.  He was successful and caught this really cute pure white baby goat.  I thought that would be enough, but I was wrong!  He spotted the most beautiful [...]

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Grant and Oreo.

Today the boys really wanted to go visit Mimi and Papa in Inverness.  I said ok and we jumped in the car.  The first thing Grant wanted to do was find Oreo (his favorite pony) and go for a little ride.  This is a fun adventure for a 4 year old. First we had to find Oreo.  We all jumped in the mule and headed [...]

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Horsepower 4 Kids

I decided to take the boys down to Horsepower 4 Kids yesterday afternoon.  It may not have been the best idea because it was right during Garrett's nap time (next time we will plan to go in the morning).  I had no idea they would have so many different types of animals.  This petting zoo is a local (Tampa) and runs as a non-profit organization.  I was [...]

Trail of Ponies

This is a great video of Campbell and Annastyn riding their ponies singing a little song they made up.  It is called Trail of Ponies.  Watching them brought back memories of my own childhood.  I remember being a little girl and having this same creativity and freedom that occurs naturally in youth.  I played in my backyard for hours in my little imaginary world.  There [...]

Boys chasing goats

We were up at the Inverness Farm this weekend.  The Inverness farm is 700 acres and there is plenty of room for my energetic boys to run around.  It has been a few months since Grant has been around the goat herd, so he was excited.  Luckily, Barrett (his cousin) was available to keep him company.  He is a 4 year old goat expert.  He [...]

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