Raw milk fast

Life has slowly gotten more hectic and busy over the last 8 weeks and as a result the pounds have been creeping up too.  I used to be a healthy 36 year old that weighed between 120-125 and post summer I am now pushing 140.  Summer travel and making kids meals around the clock finally caught up with me.  I am doing a modified raw [...]

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Best natural sunscreens

Summer time isn't quite over, but it is getting pretty close.  These are some of the best natural sunscreens for kids.  School starts in the next few weeks.  Life with 3 kids is really hectic.  There isn't as much time around the house for me to make the natural sunscreen formula that I make from all my own ingredients here.  There are great natural sunscreens [...]

Third Trimester Baby Planning

I can't believe the third trimester of my pregnancy has arrived. I am now 28 weeks. I remember the beginning of the pregnancy creeping by. I was so sick and tired that some days I felt like I wasn't going to make it. Somehow we make it through and finally have a little relief. This little bun in my oven is very active and she [...]

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Pregnancy and Morning Sickness

Now that I am 10 weeks pregnant with #3 the morning sickness is in full force.  I remember having nausea with the boys pregnancies, but it never really seemed too bad.  It seems like my nausea was more at night than the morning.  With this pregnancy I have been nauseous pretty much sick week 7 and the nausea lasts from about 7 am until 1 [...]

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Health Benefits of Honey

Picture Credit It's getting cooler and cooler as winter approaches the Wasatch Front.  We use honey year round as a sweetener in baking and real food recipes.  Honey is also used for healing naturally.  What are the health benefits of raw honey?  There are many! The Key Nutrients of Honey Honey is loaded with many essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, [...]

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Pinners Conference 2013

Do you love Pinterest?!? I do! The 2013 Pinners Conference and Expo is October 25th and October 26th.  The conference is Friday 10 am - 9pm and Saturday 9 am to 7 pm.  I am really excited about this conference.  This is my first year living in Utah and my first time going! What is this show about?  This show is mainly about two cool [...]

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How my Kids take Desiccated Liver Powder

How do my kids take desiccated liver and I am sure you are wondering why too!?! Liver has been considered a sacred food in traditional cultures throughout time.  It is loaded with nutrients and vitamins.  Some doctors even call it "nature's most potent superfood".  I have to admit this is one of the last superfoods I added to my family's traditional diet.  I don't know [...]

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Stand Up Against Artificial Food Dyes

The more I learn about artificial food coloring the more upset I am about it.  I hate that it is all around us.  I hate that it is tempting my child at every turn.  I recently wrote about how I hate that artificial food dyes are in the public school system.  In my opinion they need to be taken OUT! Immediately!   The more people [...]

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High on Food Dye!

Are your kids high on food dye? My oldest son is in half day kindergarten at our local school.  There are so many things I love about the school.  His teacher is great.  The administrators are very friendly. They have an awesome reading program that I volunteer and participate in every Monday for a few hours.  One of my friends helped develop and implement this [...]

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Is Juicing Good for you?

Is juicing good for you?  Juicing is great for your health.  Juicing has been a big part of my healthy living for the last 10 years.  I remember my very first juice fast.  I was 21 at the time and I had just graduated from college.  I moved home to live on our family farm in Brooksville, Florida.  I taught health and personal fitness at [...]

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