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Back at the Lakeside Ranches

We are happy to be back up at the Lakeside Ranches (Inverness, Fl). We moved from Tampa to Inverness about a year ago. Now that the kids are getting older we are keeping them busy with Ranch chores- feeding the horses and taking care of the animals. We just started Pony camp for Summer 2019. The boys are now camp counselors and they help the younger campers with Pony care. It is a great summer at the Ranch.

Pony Ride

Pony Rides are a favorite activity for my boys.  The pony ride at Thanksgiving Point is worth the trip.  My parents were in town a few weeks ago.  It was a lot of fun!  We decided to take  the boys to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country.  There is a petting zoo, wagon ride, and a pony ride.  The boys really loved the pony ride.  They wanted to go [...]

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Horses and Kids

  Horses and kids are like sugar and spice.  One compliments the other.  I am speaking from my own experience with my sons.  My parents are ranchers, they own a number of cows, goats, chickens, horses, donkeys, and Shetland ponies on over 1000 acres.  They breed and sell a specific horse breed.... Rocky Mountain Horses.  This breed has a smooth gait and good temperament.  Many [...]

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Visiting Lakeside Ranch before we move.

Our house is officially under contract in Tampa,FL!! Crazy.My family and I love this product. For years we have took it. We have been staying up at my parents ranch for the last week.  The boys love coming up to Lakeside Ranch, what we call our 1000 acre ranch in Citrus County Florida.  A little boys paradise.... horses, goats, trucks, tractors, burn piles, golf carts, [...]

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Thanksgiving at the Ranch

We headed up to my parents Inverness Ranch for Thanksgiving.  Our weekend was filled with great food, pony rides, hay rides, atv rides, alligator spotting, coyote shooting, camping, crafting, and many more activities.  I made a Homemade Green Bean Casserole (Gluten Free) and a Homemade Pumpkin Cake (Gluten Free).  They were DELICIOUS! I still need to post the recipes! The little cousins loved all being [...]

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Grant and Oreo.

Today the boys really wanted to go visit Mimi and Papa in Inverness.  I said ok and we jumped in the car.  The first thing Grant wanted to do was find Oreo (his favorite pony) and go for a little ride.  This is a fun adventure for a 4 year old. First we had to find Oreo.  We all jumped in the mule and headed [...]

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Horsepower 4 Kids

I decided to take the boys down to Horsepower 4 Kids yesterday afternoon.  It may not have been the best idea because it was right during Garrett's nap time (next time we will plan to go in the morning).  I had no idea they would have so many different types of animals.  This petting zoo is a local (Tampa) and runs as a non-profit organization.  I was [...]

Trail of Ponies

This is a great video of Campbell and Annastyn riding their ponies singing a little song they made up.  It is called Trail of Ponies.  Watching them brought back memories of my own childhood.  I remember being a little girl and having this same creativity and freedom that occurs naturally in youth.  I played in my backyard for hours in my little imaginary world.  There [...]

Pony Care

Grant is learning more about ponies the last few days. First he has to get the pony from the pasture and bring him over to the wash down.  Oreo was not too difficult because he just followed the other ponies.   Then they had to tie him up, brush him, and talk to him.   Then Grant wanted to sit on him while we waited [...]

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Grant’s First Pony Ride

This is Grant riding Oreo.  I must add, this is Gran't first pony ride (all by himself).  My dad worked with Grant for a few minutes before he sent him off.  Grant was anxious to catch up with the older girls on their ponies.  I was surprised by his confidence.  I guess he just assumed the pony would be cooperative and he could just relax. [...]

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