Magnesium rich foods

Magnesium is a very important mineral.  I notice a big difference in my mood when I am not getting enough magnesium in my diet.  I am usually cranky, tired, and little on edge.  Sometimes I will even get headaches when I don't get enough magnesium.  Here is a great list of ways Magnesium helps your health. 11 Miraculous Ways Magnesium Heals Your Mind & Body [...]

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Bittersweet Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is from my sister-in-law Eva.  She first introduced me to the delicious Ghiradelli Chocolate Premium Baking Chips and this combination of chocolates.  For this recipe I used one part Double Chocolate Bittersweet Chips and one part Nestle Tollhouse semi-sweet chips.  Thank you Eva for sharing this recipe! Bittersweet Chocolate Chip Cookies (from Sweets by Suz ~my sister in law) Eva's recipe 2 sticks of [...]

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All-Purpose Yogurt Dough

This all-purpose yogurt dough is awesome because it is so versatile.  It is fast, simple, and can be used for many things: pizza pies, pie crusts, cookies, and whole grain crackers.  This is a basic recipe that can be used often.  This recipe is soaked, so you do not have to rely on sprouted flour (which is very expensive to buy around here).   By soaking, [...]

Modern Conveniences: Disposable or Cloth?

A few days ago one of my daughters asked me what type of car did people drive in the Bible ages?  I laughed and explained that cars are a very recent invention, and most people that have lived on the earth made it without cars.  I wondered, "How would we make it without a car?"  Not really sure about that--in fact, many families (us included) [...]

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Big Hats Make Us Smile

As you get to know our family, you will figure out that Green Boot Grammie LOVES to give carriage rides.  Hooking up the horses/ponies to the carriages and enjoying the scenery of Florida's beautiful landscape is an absolute treat!  Wearing beautiful hats on carriage rides can even make the experience more enjoyable!  I like to shop for big hats at Bealls and TJ Max, but [...]

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