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This is my homemade anti wrinkle cream.  Now that I am in my 30′s I am thinking about wrinkles. AHHH!  Wrinkles.  I don’t have that many, but they emerge from time to time, especially around my eyes.  I know I need to nourish my skin more.  What to buy?  Lately I have no clue, even organic skincare can have ingredients that are sketchy and hard to pronounce (bad sign).  Hence, my search began for a homemade anti-wrinkle cream.  I started researching and experimenting.  The first thing I had to order was beeswax, everything else I could buy at my local health food store.  And then, finally….


For formula instructions click HERE.


  1. Michelle June 11, 2014 at 5:48 pm - Reply

    I just made you cream for the first time. I am just tired if spending lots of money for creams made of things I can’t even pronounce. I like the cream, live he smell of the rose water, and put it on my face every night. However, I’m really writing to you about my husband. A couple years ago now, he started having this really dry, cracked skin on his nose and forehead. It gets really cracked and irritated no matter how much water he drinks, lotion he uses or foods he avoids. His doctor has had him on some sort of medicine cream for about one and a half years with no real results. He put this cream on his face one night and the next morning his skin was so healthy I was shocked! He has been using it for only a week and his skin looks and feels fresh and healthy. No one likes to look like they have ache or something going on but it was also painful for him since it was always dry and cracked. You have no idea how happy we are that we started using your cream! Thank you so very much:-)

  2. Michelle July 14, 2014 at 12:30 am - Reply

    i made the prior comment, but please remove my last name… thanks!

  3. Debbie Woolums July 16, 2014 at 2:26 pm - Reply

    Since you are using water, shouldn’t a preservative be added to this?
    Is rosehip seed oil the same as rosehip oil and offer the same benefits?

    Should you also add emulsifying wax to blend the oils and the wax together?

    Is this creamier and non greasy to apply under makeup?

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